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30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 25

My biggest pet peeve that has nothing to do with blogging, being online, computers or anything else related to the Internet is…

Right or wrong, I hold women on a pedestal. It’s not that they are any more important than men but I have a respect and admiration and caring and something else that I just can’t put into words for the female gender. They certainly put up with a lot. Child bearing, dealing with the male gender, PMS, menstrual cycles, child raising, careers, and so much more.

The one thing I really hate is profanity. For anyone who uses it, it is most definitely your prerogative but this is my pet peeve and even if I step on someone’s toes, I have to be honest. So that being said, women who use profanity a little or even a lot are my pet peeve. Not the women themselves; just how their use of cuss words affects me when I hear it. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t like to hear it when men use it either. But there is a shiver that runs from the bottom of my spine to the top of my neck when I hear a woman curse. Even worse when it’s a woman I respect and admire.

There is something classy, no sexy about a woman who can get her point across without resorting to profanity. I’m not pointing the finger at any one person. All throughout the month I have seen profanity in post after post but do not think I am singling anyone out. In fact I am trying to go out of my way not to offend anyone reading this. Don’t go changing for me though. Be yourself. I kind of like the shiver running the length of my back from time to time although I could do without it.

Would you be interested in reading a blog where the tagline reads, Pooping in public? Pooping would thus describe each blog post written and published? Does the blogger sound like an interesting person? She is! Next Saturday, May 5th, Prinsesa Musang will be guesting here. If you have been following the 30 Days of Blogging Honesty, most likely you have read her comments or even visited her blog, Prinsesa’s Anatomy. If not I would suggest reading some of her posts especially from this month.

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