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One Question A Month…

Some of my friends and followers have been on my case to publish a new post. I’m glad that there are those of you who have noticed I have not been posting consistently and those who have missed me. I have been very busy of late and preoccupied. I haven’t checked email, responded to comments or even been involved much at all in socializing with the masses.

I am sorry for that and apologize profusely. Even with this post I don’t really have a solid post idea but I have come up with a new series for Morning Erection. So before I forget it, here it is. I’ve decided to give my life questions to you guys for your help in answering them. What are my life questions. They are thoughts that I have had over the years and either never bothered to ask anyone else or I thought they were too stupid to share. Obviously now I don’t really care what people think of me!

The question for August is about reading. You know we all have an inner voice. When we read quietly to ourselves there is that voice saying the words as we read. When we are reading the inner voice is usually our own voice but what happens when we get a letter or a card from a friend? My question for everyone is when you read a letter from a friend or from someone whose voice you recognize, do you read what they wrote in your inner voice or their voice?

I suppose you never thought of it and now you are wondering what you do… Me too. Let me know in the comment section please.