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Must Read Blog Posts: Installment One

I apologize that this list isn’t more exhaustive. As I come across more of what I feel are the best posts on the Internet I will add them here. Also I will on occasion add links that are not from blogs but in my humble opinion still qualify. I think I will make a concerted effort to exclude political posts out of my list.

Excluded are also blogs mentioned on the Honorable Mention posts as well as anyone who opted to submit their favorite post for shameless blog promotion. Please visit these sites and leave comments too.

The Jazz Monger – Maurice White, Penguins & Single-Parent Households
So far and by far, my favorite post on any blog I have read anywhere. Please check it out.

Amturk’s Weblog – Michael Jackson and the 2009 BET Awards
One person’s reaction to the disrespect shown to Michael Jackson and the Jackson family by the BET Network, Jamie Foxx and some other performers.

Random Musings – Coincidences Between The Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations
Uncanny similarities between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.

One Sky, One Destiny – Alone Isn’t Always Lonely
Memories of sleeping with someone and sleeping alone. – What Really Matters
Insight on why keeping up with the Jones’ could be your downfall.

Copyblogger – Why No One Links To Your Best Posts
The secret to building a popular blog.


Make sure to stop back on January 2, 2010 for our first guest blogger, Chris Ferrell from Nerds of the Round Table.


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Can’t Eat Just One Pistachio

pistachiosProfessor Kessler, the ex-commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), claims that manufacturers have created combinations of fat, sugar and salt that are so tasty many people cannot stop eating them even when full. For some of us, it’s potato chips and some Doritos.

Pistachios do it for me and at times sunflower seeds. I eat so many and I know I should stop. With sunflower seeds, I can feel my blood pressure rise from the salt and I know then that I’ve eaten way to many. I thank God pistachios are more expensive than many other junk foods. In a small way that stops my cravings but on the other hand I know pistachios are good for me.

We already know the tobacco industry makes people more addicted to cigarettes by altering nicotine and McDonald’s adds sugar to the French fries making it hard to no order the extra large size.

What are your food compulsions or addictions.

“It is time to stop blaming individuals for being overweight or obese,” he said. “The real problem is we have created a world where food is always available and where that food is designed to make you want to eat more of it. For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist.” ~ Professor Kessler

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