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Time Travel

Time Travel

Another crazy post from the science fiction loving imagination of Tom Baker. I love the movie Time Cop. Don’t laugh, I thought it was a well thought out piece of creative sci-fi and that is where the catalyst for this post comes from.

If time travel were possible (you invented it) and you could go anywhere in time where would you go? Keep in mind that if time travel were readily available most likely you could only travel into the past because the future has not happened yet. So traveling backwards in time, where would you go and to what time?

As for me, I would like to go back in time and buy shares of stock in all the major oil companies around the world. I would purchase 10,000 shares of each companies preferred stock and set up a bank account (in the past). I would use the money for people who are unemployed today and those without health insurance. I would use the money to start a company that would help keep benefits going for the millions who have exhausted their benefits. People like Iron Cook Carl, who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, who have children and need to continue to have a roof over their heads.

I just heard the Republicans have overturned the healthcare bill today that was passed last year helping millions without insurance in the U.S. Also the Republicans and Democrats can’t seem to get together to help the so called 99ers who have exhausted all benefits but still have living expenses; I think going back in time might help.

In a far less noble gesture, I think I would like to go to ancient Egypt and see exactly how they made those pyramids.

What would you do and where would you go?


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American Companies – Foreign Products

While on a business trip in Mexico I became thirsty. Not wanting to drink the water from the tap, I took a stroll to the corner market for some bottled water. The meeting was only dismissed for a short time so I didn’t have time for a trip back to my hotel.

I came across some drink mix that I had never seen before but I grew up with it all my life. It was a normal breakfast drink for us kids. It was Tang. I drank it, Terri drank it and even astronauts had drank it. The difference is it wasn’t the orange Tang that I knew and loved. It was Passion fruit flavored I believe.

mango tang

I grabbed all that they had on the shelf. It was good tasting. Before I left I found two more flavors and bought them as well. I mailed them back home to myself and shared with all who would partake. It turns out that there are many brands that American companies change to please the palate of different lands. I couldn’t find too many examples but what I did find is below. Japan is a country with an eclectic taste and the products companies make for them prove it. Any make you hungry?


gourmet doritos nori-doritos wasabi_doritos doritos-tacosticks pizza-la-doritos


pepsi_white pepsiicecucumberwt2




balsamic pringles pringlesextrapepper nightclubpringles


green tea kitkats kit kat pineapple

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