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Apologies Are In Order

What’s Is Tom Doing?

Friends, family, countrymen and women, world bloggers and visitors and even to those who only come by to see if there are any photos of morning erections… I’ve been going through a rough time of late and it has affected my blog.

This month’s interview is late. My guest blog was never posted and I have been slow to respond to comments. I have also ignored my First Class Blogger Award for almost four weeks now. For that and more I wanted to apologize. I’m sure most of you understand that sometimes people get into a funk and some things don’t get the attention they used to.

Up In The Air

I’m not sure which direction I’m headed but I am taking an extended hiatus from Morning Erection. Additionally, April is considering a job offer. She was approached by a company that wants to have her head up a division as they expand. The company’s social media policy is more strict than that of the job she has now. For that reason, it might be difficult to continue with this blog since my connection albeit slight, is already out here on the ‘net.

We have to read more into their policy should she decide to take the job to see if I need to close Morning Erection and start another blog anonymously. Who knows? Only time will tell. She might not want the other job as it would require us to move from Indiana to another state. I don’t think I will delete Morning Erection. I just might stop creating new posts. The posts I already have scheduled (31 Days of Blogging Honesty, Poetic License) and more will continue but I will not add new posts if we should decide to take the job and move.

I will keep you all abreast and during my hiatus I will try to respond to any comments I might get. Keep the April poems coming in, I still want my guest bloggers to post and of course Poetic License will continue until at least December! And yes, Poala the post with the nude men will still publish in April like I promised you.



Being Romantic

I am a romantic being; at my very core, that is all I am. It’s why I enjoy JeLisa’s blog so much. Listening to the love and respect her and Galen have for one another. Even though April and I are romantic, April likes for me to leave our personal life out of the blog and I can respect that. This time is different. April told me I should blog about our day. I don’t know what makes Monday different from any other time, but I am thankful. Okay, April just told me she wants other wives to be treated the way I treat her. So I guess this post is for the husbands of the world.

Romance… It’s why I love cooking for April and rubbing her feet when she’s had a rough day (not at the same time). It’s why I love giving her a massage when she’s not expecting one but her body language suggests she needs one. It’s why I like listening to almost every word April speaks and I don’t mind doing the dishes. It’s why we waited until we were married for a physical relationship. Romance is in my heart and I never want to purposely take her for granted.

Saturday night I convinced April to play hooky Monday and enjoy a long weekend for a change.  I woke up early Monday and made her favorite breakfast and served it to her in bed. Fresh strawberries, waffles and fried eggs. After breakfast we showered together and I washed her from head to toe and didn’t get any shampoo in her eyes this time! I dried her off and dressed her. I proceeded to tell her that I had mapped out her morning and afternoon for her and all she had to do was follow the directions on the dashboard of her car. It was about 9:30 am when I kissed her goodbye and watched her back out of the garage.

On the dashboard was a series of mixed music CDs I made for her. The first one were some of her favorite love songs and the second was my favorites. The third, I kept with me for that night. Her instructions were to play the second one first and then the first. By the time she returned home she should have been able to listen to both CDs. First on her list was to pick up her friend Rochelle. Rochelle had the rest of the schedule for the day. Museum of Art, lunch at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and a 2:00 appointment for a pedicure and manicure.

Disc Three

While April was out I put my plans into action. I had been planning this for a few weeks now and without Rochelle’s help I don’t think I could have accomplished things just the way I wanted them to be. Thanks Rochelle.

It might not sound very romantic to be apart from one another, however, April works very hard and I wanted her to have some ‘me’ time. I called her every so often and told her I missed her, loved her, to look under the seat for the red rose I left her or after lunch to look in the glove compartment for a love note (not to be opened until she was getting her pedicure.

First thing I did was fix a picnic dinner as soon as she left. I made pasta salad and spicy barbecue shrimp, Chicken Parmesan sandwiches and some strawberry lemonade. For dessert I made lemon meringue pie. Then it was time to work on the backyard. I got bags of sand and poured it out on the backyard lawn, set up an umbrella and placed the stereo speakers out near the mound of sand. I placed the blanket and oils on the table and just waited for April to return. She got home around 4:45. I met her at the door with a smoothie. I undressed her and we took a shower together again.

After the shower she told me about her day and showed me the photos she took at the museum. I put in a movie and popped some popcorn. We watched the movie and then fell asleep until about 9:30 pm. I woke up and watched my wife sleep. She looked like an angel. I smiled and listened to her breathing as her chest rose and sand with each breath. I woke her up and asked if she was hungry. She was and it was finally getting dark enough to enjoy a night time picnic and the weather wasn’t so muggy.

I escorted her out to the picnic area, spread the blanket and turned on the music. The first song was It’s You That I Need by Enchantment. I left her there to listen to the words while I got dinner ready. When I came back I could tell she had been crying. She loved the lyrics and I told her I’ve always felt that way about her — even before we met.

We ate, talked and I gave her a massage. We talked some more and danced, laughed and chased each other around the backyard. We made love and drank champagne.

Our backyard has very tall bushes and the homes in our neighborhood are spaced far apart so being naked in the backyard is something we always do, but for some reason it seemed to April that we were being watched so we went inside, rinsed the sand off and fell asleep in each others arms. While I was cleaning up the sand Tuesday afternoon I found a Frisbee stuck in one of the bushes. We might have been watched…




1. Place the needs and wants of your spouse above yours. (Offer to give a massage without expecting the favor in return)
2. Think outside of the box. (Instead of going out to dinner, prepare the meal together or cook for your spouse)
3. Romance doesn’t mean spending lots of money. (Renting a DVD, drinking Pepsi in champagne glasses with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn)
4. Figure out what the two of you like to do together. (Maybe it’s bike riding or long walks)
5. Romance starts when you wake up and not just ten minutes before having sex. (Spend some time cuddling before you rush about your daily living)
6. A woman’s idea of romance is different from a man’s. (Men you might be at your sexiest in her mind if you take the trash out without being asked)


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We Are Married

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Red RoseMark this date on your calendar. By the time you read this post we will already be married. We are flying to Las Vegas with our families and are getting married. We have lots of work to do getting ready to move so our honeymoon will only be a couple of days. I know some have expressed interest in where we have decided to go. All of the family is staying in Las Vegas until the 18th and then we will go back home to finish getting ready for the move.

We can plan a real honeymoon maybe for our first anniversary when things will be less hectic and hurried. As for me, I’ve been getting ready for my new life. I’ve been reading and researching on being a great husband and friend. Anyone interested there is a great article I read. Married or not, this is just good advice on How A Man Should Treat His Wife. In another article by the same author, Asahd2 talks about Keeping Romance Alive. Great information for anyone thinking about marriage. I also read The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

I’m still doing some research and preparing myself for my new life. I want to continue to be the best for April. The best friend, the best husband and now the best lover she could ever have or want.

Don’t forget, December 14, next year – our anniversary!


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