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The Art Of Greg Martin – Planetary Gallery

Oh my goodness! He’s at it again. I suppose he can’t think of anything to write so he just posts some more photos!

If that is what you are thinking, this time you would be correct. I was searching my mind for a new idea for a post that didn’t require much time and commitment and came across my Greg Martin folder on my hard drive. April and I were still in California at the time I was supposed to publish this post even though I created this post on November 22, 2010 I was very busy at that time last year.

People are still asking about how my time was when I went to church during Christmas so I will let you know how my time in California was in a post soon!

I apologize for the wording of this post if you read it earlier when it made more since if I had posted it in December like I had intended. Thanks for bearing with me and again I should have reread this before it went live this morning.

Find more of Greg Martin’s art at his website!

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Q & A With Melissa Alicia Anderson

I apologize for any inconvenience not posting at my regular time has caused anyone. This time of the year can be hectic for anyone – including myself. If you missed the interview with Melissa Anderson on December 15th, please take a few minutes and read it. Ms. Anderson agreed to answer any questions that were asked and here is the question and answer session.

Bless you Melissa for being so accommodating.

Q & A

Prince Connoisseur asked

1. If you could travel the stars, what celestial body or phenomena would you like to photograph up close for NASA?

Black holes for sure or a newly formed Nebula.

2. In The Devil’s Playground were you clothed or naked?

Ha ha, I was wearing clothes.

Iron Cook Carl asked

2. Are there any photos by photographers that you did not name, that you wish you had taken?

Gordon Parks or Sebastião Salgado‘s bodies of work are definitely something that I wish I could have been there to experience.

Cheryl Benson asked

3. What are your aspirations in photography?

Create images to give someone a different perspective. Sometimes we really don’t slow down or care to see someone else’s view of the world. There’s a huge disconnection. We are all humans with different experiences that have shaped our understandings or attitudes of life. I think for us to come to an agreement, to work together, we need to see where the other person is coming from. Understand each other, and embrace our differences and similarities.

Saber asked

4. Do you use a lot of equipment to set up your shots, or do you like to keep it simple? what is your preferred equipment (camera, lens, lighting etc.)?

I like keeping things simple. Thankfully Florida sunshine and mostly clear skies allow for simplicity. Usually I’ve got my a700, a 50mm or 28mm, my flash and a reflector.

5. How do you come up with your photo concepts? are they planned or more spontaneous?

A little of both. You go in with an idea, a vision of how you’d like things to turn out and then you get inspired by your surroundings and the subject. Usually you get something completely different from what you envisioned and it’s better.

6. How much processing do you do in Photoshop with your images?

Minimal. White balance correction, some curves, or dodge and burn. But my philosophy is to get it right at the click of the shutter button.

Anonymous email question

7. Is there any “genre” of photography that you are not interested in?

This is a hard one to answer. I’m really not turned off by any genre of photography. Closing a door is missing out on a chance to expand, gaining an experience. I’ve seen inspiring photographs in all genres

Melissa Alicia’s Online Presence
Melissa Alicia Photography

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