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Girls Gone Wild Infomercials: Take ‘Em Off The Television

Girls Gone Wild is a company that travels around the country getting teenagers and young adults to remove their clothing for the camera. In the past they primarily filmed in bars. I guess for a tee shirt a drunk girl will do about anything. With the popularity of the videos they now are seen in everyday places like beaches. Spring Breakers are highly susceptible and likely to be preyed upon by Girls Gone Wild cameras. For more information on GGW you can visit the Wikipedia page.

ggwI’m not trying to legislate morality and I’m not judging any individual who wants to purchase videos like Girls Gone Wild.

If you are a return reader to Morning Erection you might remember that recently I spent a few days babysitting. Watching someone elses child is a heavy responsibility. Being a guardian or parent is a 24 hour a day job. Your responsibility never ends, however, the children are not always in our sight. They might be at school, a friends house, or just alone in their room.

Every parent is not always as attentive to the needs or daily activities of their children as another parent might be. There are also parents that just don’t care what their children do. When I was growing up there was a boy down the street, Jose, who could do anything he wanted or go anywhere he wanted. he came home when he wanted, watched what he wanted, had anybody in his room he wanted, spent his money anyway he wanted. We all thought he was cool and that he had the greatest and most understanding parents in the neighborhood. Turns out his parents were too concerned with their life to care about him.

joseph francisThat is something he didn’t share with us until after graduation when he let us know he wished his parents were as caring for him as our parents were for us. His freedom was not freedom, it was loneliness. I only say all this because I woke up early one day last week around 3:00 am to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I went downstairs to watch some TV. Eventually I fell back asleep but eventually I woke up again. Comedy Central had a half hour commercial (infomercial), showing mostly naked teens pulling down their panties, exposing their vaginas, and breasts, kissing one another masturbating and even engaged in lesbian sex with one another. A lot of the shoots are held in bars and some of the girls were found to have been drunk and underage.

When you consider a great deal of today’s youth has both a television and a computer in their rooms, it would be very easy for kids to see this too. The stars that they use to cover the girl’s vagina’s and breasts don’t mask the effect it has on both teen girls and teen boys. I have not been a saint. you might have even read the things I did when I was a teenager. That is precisely why I am concerned.

Again I feel the need to reiterate, I am not trying to say the makers of Girls Gone Wild cannot sell their DVDs. *I just feel that there is NO need for a thirty minute commercial about it. Those people interested about GGW already know the material is available for purchase. It is time to think about our children and our communities and stop letting the love of all things financial ruin people’s lives.

Even if only one child wakes up early, turns on the TV and watches the infomercial, in my opinion it is one child too many. Stating that the content of the infomercial may not be suitable for all ages at random intervals during the thirty minutes is no protection at all. Most parents are sound asleep when these shows air, yet again, many children have unrestricted access to these basic cable channels. I have just found that GGW also appears on Spike TV. I’m not a parent and this pisses me off. I just want to repeat, the guy, Joseph Francis has every right to sell his DVDs. I just don’t think he has the right to market them the way he does and the cable channels that show his infomercial are also at fault.

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*If commercials for beer, cigarettes, your favorite soft drink, your favorite TV show were taken off the air, would you still know you can buy the items or watch the shows? Of course. I want those infomercials off the air, I don’t expect many to agree with me, but I really want to know what you think.


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