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What’s In Your Movie Queue?

What’s In Your Movie Queue?

I’m quite sure there are huge movie fans out there as most of you know I am. I keep a record of the movies I watch for you, in case you are interested on the Roll Film page.  I’m a loyal member of Netflix and usually have close to 500 movies in my queue. Sometimes I have added movies months before and I scan through the queue not knowing what the heck a particular movie is.

With that in mind sometimes I go on a house cleaning patrol but lately I like what I see. You should know by now that I don’t just offer information to my readers without asking a question of you…

Below is what is in my queue right now. I really enjoyed The Marine and didn’t find out there was going to be a The Marine 2. I like John Cena but he isn’t in the sequel. The sequel is based on a true story so I am up for renting it. What I really want to see is Pandorum. Has anyone seen it yet? I’d like to know what to expect.


If you are a member of or, I’d like to know what you have as your first five movie rentals in your queue. If you don’t have a queue tell me what you think will be the next movies that you want to rent when you go to the rental store. Thanks.


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