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I Would Like To Publish Your Favorite Blog Post

No silly, I’m not a publisher. I’m barely a writer! Inspired by the latest issue of the Poetic License I am working on, I thought I could gather together my blogging friends and ask them if they would like me to put together a similar project that would bundle together their best or favorite (one) post from their blog, alongwith other bloggers best work. Run on sentence much? I would create a magazine style format, much like I did with Poetic License.

If you are at all interested please leave a link to the post you want included. Please make sure the post is 100% yours to reproduce including all images. To be included you also have to create a post inviting your visitors to participate as well. I would like to give any and everybody the opportunity to be included. If we are fortunate enough to have more than 50 bloggers who want to participate I will create different volumes. Even if you own more than one blog, please just one post* per person, not per blog. If you have read a blog post by someone and you consider it the best they have done, be sure to let them know about this.
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31 Days Of Blogging Honesty

Once again I have come up with an idea that encourages participation between you and other bloggers. This is not a meme in the strict sense of the meaning but I would love for people to try to get more and more people involved and taking part in this. I would say it’s more of a fellowship. I visited a blog for First Class Blogger Award and she was posting on 30 days of honesty. I didn’t particularly like all those questions so once again I came up with my own.

So now you know where I got the idea for this. If you would like to take part just leave a comment below. Because it involves complete and total honesty there may be many who choose to refrain. If you decide to take part in this I would advise you to answer at least two questions a week. Taking part in 31 Days of Blogging Honesty means an entire month of posting will be finished and you can begin working on the next month’s posts early.

There are rules again. You must answer 31 questions, however you can choose one of the questions, if you want and decline to answer it. Just one! If you decide to not answer a question you must answer the alternative question in its place. You must make mention on that day that you are skipping and replacing the scheduled question with your alternative.

If your blog, like mine, has scheduled series on a particular day, please skip the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty in order to keep with your blog’s regular schedule. On the first Saturday of every month I have a guest blogger which means I will continue with my guest post and post the next answer after it. For me, that means I won’t be finished my 31 days until June 3rd, if I calculated correctly. The only other rule is that you must use the above 31 Days Of Blogging Honesty graphic each day you post.

The month for posting the answers to the questions is May. That means you have close to four full months to prepare the thirty one posts. If you decide to take part, why not answer your first question today to get started!

Objective: To answer a question each day, in complete honesty.

  • Day 01 — If the stars and planets aligned perfectly for me (regardless of my current situation), the celebrity I would marry is and this is why…
  • Day 02 — The most expensive item I have ever stolen is…
  • Day 03 — My favorite song from the year I was born…
  • Day 04 — The worst thing ever to happen to me…
  • Day 05 — The person (outside of my family) who has had the greatest influence on my life is…
  • Day 06 — Something I want to do in my lifetime but I already know I won’t be able to is…
  • Day 07 — The worst thing that could happen to me is…
  • Day 08 — I wish I had never…
  • Day 09 — If I could create my own personal Mt. Rushmore I would honor these four individuals…
  • Day 10 — What I dislike most about the opposite sex is…
  • Day 11 — I stopped __________ at age ___ …
  • Day 12 — I was just honored by my peers and family. I most likely I got the award because I…
  • Day 13 — My favorite activity to do alone is…
  • Day 14 — The most disgusting food I’ve ever eaten was…
  • Day 15 — If I had to spend an entire day as the opposite sex, I would look like _______ and I would spend the day doing…
  • Day 16 — If I were given just one day to relive I would most definitely choose…
  • Day 17 — Given the choice between giving up sex for the rest of my life or giving up kissing, I would choose…
  • Day 18 — The most outrageous thing I would do for a Klondike bar is…
  • Day 19 — The longest period of time I’ve gone without showering or bathing is…
  • Day 20 — The book that I read that has altered my perception of life is…
  • Day 21 — Someone or something  I know I should have let go a long time ago is…
  • Day 22 — As to whether or not I have ever contemplated giving up on life, my answer is…
  • Day 23 — Something I would change about myself right now is…
  • Day 24 — A movie I’m ashamed to say I admit I love is…
  • Day 25 — To make my blog better I think I would like to start…
  • Day 26 — If I could trade my weekly paycheck with  a celebrity whose first name begins with the letter R, I would change with…
  • Day 27 — Something I really hate about myself is…
  • Day 28 — There is a scandalous article in the newspaper about me today. Something from my past. Most likely it’s about…
  • Day 29 — I just created a mixed CD for someone who had been deaf all their life. The 15 artists and songs I chose are…
  • Day 30 — I wrote a letter to someone I really miss (do this). I mailed it to them (postal, not email) and this is what I wrote…
  • Day 31 — Given the choice between going without television for the rest of my life or my computer, I would choose…
  • Alternative question: You yourself must think of a question and answer it.

Remember, your responses to these questions will be published on your site as a post. One word answers or even just a single sentence will leave your readers flat with really nothing to comment on. Let me know what you think…

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Another List Of Great Blog Post Ideas

Last year I posted 61 Great Blog Post Ideas and since I was stuck for a post today, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit that post and offer new ideas. If you are ever at a loss for creative ways to write posts, take advantage of the list below.

Another List Of Great Blog Post Ideas

  • Ask My Readers
    Pose a real question to your readers and let them answer until you get the answer you like best. Last year I asked where I should go on honeymoon and got a few good answers even though I decided differently.
  • Ask Me Anything
    Let your readers pose any question to you whatsoever. Make sure you set the parameters so you don’t get questions you aren’t willing to answer.
  • Create A List Of Your Best Posts
    You can either chose the posts that were well received by your audience or you can pick the posts that you are most proud of.
  • Review A Book, Movie, Album, or TV Show
    I reviewed Splice but if you really want to see how a review is done, see Cherlyn’s review of Let The Right One In/Let Me In.
  • Post An End of The Year Summary
    Search through your posts and update entries that need elaboration because of the outcome, like a news story you wrote about. You can also do this on a smaller scale by updating your readers on a monthly basis.
  • Make An Urban Legends Post
    I did this and it will be posted on November 28th. See it then for explanation.
  • Create A List Of Your Favorite Blogs
  • Interview A Family Member Who Does Not Regularly Read Your Blog
    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and if you ask the right questions, you might be surprised at how many family and friends would like to be interviewed.
  • Ask For Guest Bloggers
    It has worked out pretty well for me and if your blog focuses on a particular niche, ask someone who get more traffic to their site than you do to get your site exposed.
  • Write A Multi-Visitor Story
    Start with a few sentences and then let your visitors add new sentences to create the story by utilizing the comment section of your blog.
  • Create A Top Ten List
    ListVerse has created an entire site around this idea.
  • Start A Contest With A Give-A-Way
    If you can afford to offer a prize to give away, create a game or contest and make sure to provide the winner with the prize. DJ is giving away $10 via PayPal right now.
  • Write A Sequel To An Already Successful Post
    I’m sure your older posts can either be updated or you can expound on the older post with new information.
  • Create A Survey or Poll
    People really do like to take part in polls. It is a fast and easy way to create a post. Make sure the topic of the survey or poll is interesting.
  • Start a Meme and Schedule It
    Try to make it less complicated than I did mine.
  • Write Personal: Tell Everyone About Your Dream Girl/Guy or Something Else Personal You Don’t Mind Sharing.
    I wish I remembered the link because a couple of weeks ago a guy shared his experience with his colonoscopy experience. Judy wrote about her dream guy earlier this week.
  • Create a Post With Your Favorite Recipe
    I think I have done this only twice. I gave my Miso soup recipe and also a fried Flounder recipe. This can be done often because everyone eats and entire blogs are dedicated to food. WordPress just announced recently the creation of FoodPress. Food is king content with blogs!
  • Make a Serial Post
    I have three serial posts; Poetic License, Guest Blogger. Lesser series include the Dear Series which are open letters and also Honorable Mention.
  • Make a List Of Great Sites You Think Your Visitors Should Visit
    The list will be better received if you actually visit those sites yourself.
  • Create Posts That Can Be Divided Into Segments
    I have one coming up the first week of December and I just had an Awesome Photography week.

  • Make A List Of Blog Post Ideas
    Feel free to incorporate any of these ideas into your posts. This list is a compilation of ideas I have been collecting since I started this blog.
  • Explain Why You Do/Don’t Comment On Blogs
    You might also explain why you do/don’t reply to people who leave comments on your blog.
  • Find A Blogger To Critique Your Blog
    Post their results and what if anything you plan to do about it.
  • Reply To A Great Comment As A Post Instead Of A Reply
    Every now and then you will receive great commentary on your post. You can make a post out of any response you might have to the comment.
  • Respond To Questions Your Readers Have
    I’m doing this in the form of a FAQ page, but you can just as well create a post instead.
  • Be Controversial
    Write an opinionated post about something. You can take the con or pro. You don’t even have to believe what you write. You are writing strictly for the controversy your post might cause. If you think there is too much alcohol abuse by underage kids create a post about how the legal age limit for college kids should be lowered.
  • Post Your Blog Statistics
    Share your site’s performance and ask readers how they are doing with their blog.
  • I Didn’t Know That About You!
    Post a list of 3, 5 or 10 things people don’t know about you and perhaps you’ve never thought to share before.
  • Create A Bucket List
    I think we can all think of things we would like to do before we die.
  • Discuss Your Reasons For Starting To Blog Or What Motivates You To Continue
  • Debate The Best Show On TV In Your Favorite Genre
    I thought about doing this with Star Trek and Star Wars but I hate Star Wars too much to do that.