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For Us Ignorant Male Members of Facebook

For Us Ignorant Male Members of Facebook

Write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls no men.  It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status… Haha!

That particular Facebook note was circulated and millions of females posted the color of their bra to the befuddlement of the many millions of males who were clueless of what the women were doing. It was for breast cancer awareness.

Have you ever asked a woman what she was wearing? Can you imagine asking a woman what color bra she was wearing and not expect to get a slap in the face?

I suppose because it was between women alone and we men were left ignorant that it makes it okay. Don’t fret though men, it is commonplace for us to be in the dark with the comings and goings of our feminine counterparts. It’s not really fair though that we didn’t get to play. I wanna play…

Ladies, (if you ain’t to proud), what color bra do you have on today? If you want to make our day, what color panties are you wearing as well? Too personal? I understand. I only want the ones who really wanna play, to play. Just for sport, why don’t the men play too. What color and kind of underwear are you sporting?


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