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Christmas Food & Family Traditions

The sense of smell is a strong catalyst for remembering moments from the past. Fond memories of Thanksgiving at your grandparents can be conjured up by the smell of an apple pie or the aroma of hot chocolate can bring back memories of a week in the mountains with family and friends.

For me there is a smell in the outdoor air that has a “it’s gonna snow” smell to it. You might know what I mean and you might not, but when I smell that, whether or not it is supposed to snow, has me remembering all the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners I had as a child. These are the times when all the additional sections of the dining room table have been added and the card tables have been pulled out so the kids have a place to sit and eat. When even though family members were packing the house and bringing whatever their assigned dish was, the overpowering smell was the cinnamon from the still baking apple pies. I was blessed with a wonderful family. From my nuclear family to the extended family as well as my new found blogging family. Our get-togethers have never been the kind of fiasco you’ve seen in movies. Thank God! Although, it might have been fun to have an Aunt Bethany say grace like in Christmas Vacation!

What food conjures up images and memories of Christmas past for you?

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Blogger Virtual Christmas Gift And Card Exchange

Last year my imagination helped me come up with and execute a Dinner Party with all of my friends on my blogroll at the time. This year, I didn’t think I had it in my to replicate the success of that post. I can’t claim success just yet because this actual post won’t go live until December 25th, however I would like you the reader to help me in this endeavor.

If you want to participate in this exchange all you need to remember is:

1. The virtual gift should be appropriate for the recipient based on only what you know about that person from reading their blog. Remember it is the thought that counts.

2. Everybody on your blogroll gets a gift, but gift and card giving is not limited to only those on your blogroll. You can choose to give gifts to anyone who regularly leaves comments on your blog.

3. Have fun with it, but don’t be extravagant just because you know the gifts aren’t real. They should really and truly reflect the person’s taste.

Ex. Don’t buy Sally a plane just because she said she really wants to go to Brazil on vacation. Sally most likely won’t have the money to put fuel in the plane!

4. It does not matter if anyone else on your blogroll participates. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive!

If you have been neglecting your blogroll upkeep perhaps now is an excellent time to update it. Remove old links and add blogs you have been meaning to add for months now. Just a thought! Maybe you don’t have a blogroll and need to make one. Who has time for that?

There is always the issue of whether or not everyone celebrates Christmas. WordPress is a global community, however, I think if you want to give someone a gift for any reason it is your right. Whether or not they choose to accept it, is theirs.

Merry Christmas!

My guest blogger this month is Lakia Gordon. Lakia approached me with an idea and I thought it might be best expressed through a guest post. Lakia has been working on a project and she will share with you. If you have not visited her website, please do so before Saturday!

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men!

To All Regular Readers, Friends and Strangers — Whether You Celebrate Christmas Or Not — April and I Wish You A Very Merry Christmas And A Safe And Prosperous New Year!

Many of you are aware of the soul searching I’ve been doing this past year. I still haven’t come to any clear conclusions but I did come across something interesting while searching for poems for Poetic License. I came across a site, Culture vs. Content. The blog had a great poem but I decided against using it so I could share two different posts about Christmas. The first one is about Albert Einstein’s beliefs about Jesus. The second is a photo journey to the lyrics of Joy To The World.

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