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I’ve Been Invited To Church

A very good friend from Palo Alto invited April and I to church when we visit with them next month. A survey that was conducted says the vast majority of people who don’t attend church would do so if invited. Our friends recently started attending a non-denominational  church and they really like it.

I haven’t been to church since I was nine. They told us we didn’t have to wear anything special. It is come as you are. That doesn’t seem right. If I’m going to be in church, especially at Christmas time I think we should dress up.

They said clothes shouldn’t make someone who wants to go to church but might not have dress clothes, be embarrassed by their clothing, and not come. I’m not sure what a non-denominational church. Not sure what that means but April told her that we would love to go. April and I have been thinking a lot lately of church and God and now I think I’m looking forward to going! So, I’m going to church!

While we are away the posts will keep coming but I most likely won’t be responding to comments left during that time.

This coming weekend is the first weekend of December which means it’s guest blogger time once again! This month’s Guest Blogger is Seth Winternight. Seth’s blog, Welcome To My Residence is a new blog which he started in September. Stop on over to his site to read a few posts but whatever you do, make sure you come back this Saturday. My guest bloggers have always given Morning Erection readers plenty to contemplate!

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