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Poetic License – January 2012

Poetic License is that part of the anatomy of Morning Erection that allows me to showcase some of the great poets that I find in my travels throughout the Internet. I have found that by posting works by other bloggers often brings more traffic to their site as well as mine and that is a good thing.

The schedule for Poetic License is the first Monday of each month. If you find a poem that touches you in some way either leave a comment for the author or visit their blog and let them know. I wrote a poem last year, December 17th and although it is not included in Poetic License, I have decided to post it. You will be able to see it January 9th. It’s titled, Dance With Me.

As with last year February is the only Poetic License with a theme. The theme is love and you will find poems that are sensual, sexy and erotic. A few of the poems in February are for the 18 and above crowd only.

Going South
by Trish Shishkura

We take so much longer to come home
in the cavern of distant voices,
magnified as they echo and bounce
from one wall to another.

Each drop that comes from the folds
of the clouds
— drips from the night sky
and onto the asphalt below.

We lay naked,
for everyone to see.
Yet they close their eyes.
We whisper, bite our lips.


Make sure nothing is heard
but heavy breathing
— and it takes us too long to come

home, where only you and I can
let whispers hum and grow
loud enough to let our voices
be heard.

Avid For Desire
by Craig Watson

You notice me
Looking your way.
To my surprise.
You decided to speak.
You took my hand.
Softly whispered in my ear…
Follow me this way.
Is not a question.
Attraction is already there.
A brief encounter.
To obtain facts on one another.
Nothing really needed to be said.
Attraction is already there.
Body language was already read.
And truth be told…
I’m loving what it’s saying to me.
A Night of ecstasy.
Only to be left a memory!
A memory vivid in my mind.
You would think.
I’ve seen her recently.
The mental…
So physical.
The attraction…
So strong.
She’s ingrained in my mind.
I want to feel those lips again.
Simply reliving the experience.
I can feel the warmth of her body.
As she pulls me close.
Straight seduction.
It’s a shame…
She’s nowhere to be found.

A Better Life
by Allison Grayhurst

In the beginning

I rode a burning steed,

crossed a violent river

and destroyed my home.

But now my footsteps are slower,

I never climb the rocks or chase

the landed hawk. I collect shells

for my garden and sing to the great

ocean’s waves. I take my children

along the shore and show them how to dance.

I tell them my tales of long ago, though

they offer no interest or praise.

But they love me like a petal does its stem,

each reaching to me to know the effort of

my arms. We eat fruit near the underbrush

then bury each seed, tenderly,

in the hot white sands.

Marauded Petals
by Jennay Marie

Passed efflorescence cautioned me about my seedpod wish
But ’tis the time for me to shine and begin my luxuriated bliss
I tunnel out my little sprout to peak out into my wander
And to my surprise
The sun is all mine
And she freely feeds my hunger
With my stretched out sprightly leaves radiating
Fuchsia on amethyst petals I conceived
I’m miraculous to my thieves
Who pluck me straight
With no restraint
And now I adorn their masterful plunder

by Marion Driessen

Life, you amaze me
ejecting originals
of the unknown
into my perception
of non-virtual reality

I must catch these threads
and weave them
within my own tapestry
Spread or cut them
as I see fit

Perspectives change
the patterns of truth
I share or not
to keep others
from harm

Life is living
folding choices
into balance
Trust me enough
to let go

Happiness To Remember
by Marissa Hill

Sitting there amongst friends that night.
With your left hand you held mine so gently,
With your right you grazed the skin of my back.

Feeling so alive with you in that moment,
Blood pumping fast through my veins,
With the warmth of your body so close.

The spirit of the room was so high and free.
Everything surrounding was abuzz with noise,
But my attention was focused on you.

Your beauty lit up the skies so bright,
My mind and body were put at ease,
So I wandered away from the light and sounds.

A feeling arrived that I hadn’t felt before.
My blood slowed and my heart beat calmed,
And I lifted my head, found your eyes, and smiled.

On the left I was given protection,
On the right it was pure desire,
In between it all was a smile of perfection, and happiness to remember.

by Mica

I can hear you crawling

Creeping under my bed

You start out as a voice

That replays in my head

Anticipating you

That’s what scares me the most

“I won’t do it again”

Some words from my false oath

I can hear death whisper

As my temptation rises

The blade looks so comforting

In the midst of noises

“Take me away” I say

Of course, no one answers

And out of insanity,

I let out obnoxious laughter

I clench my fists tightly

Subconsciously breathing

Not knowing, nor caring

Where I am heading

“This is only a phase”

That’s what everybody says

I only allow the truth to comfort me

But not today

At this point, I know nothing

At this point, I wish you were with me

From this point, I feel nothing

From this point, you are with me

And momentarily,

everything is okay.

During Nocturnal Canine Ablutions
by Words Asunder

the cool of dark
is welcome
and calm
I gaze upward
into eternity
my awe intense
and oblivion
stares back
at me in all my

as scents
and sounds
my senses
I stand in
under the
milky way

a light blinks
steadily and
glides silently
across the
ebon sky
of my gaze

a moth
flutters by
foraging for
I feel
its fleeting
and accept
my relative

in the
a constant
rumble of
traffic in
a bass line
to the
moans of
an open

and nearer
muted voices
moan of
as the
stench of
assaults my

at last
the dog
her ablutions
and I retreat
indoors to
once more

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

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Poetic License – June 2011

Poetic License is posted on the first Monday of every month. As I have done since last September, there are eight poems below from poets who own their own blog. April was National Poetry Month and there are several great poems listed throughout my April posts. Please stop by there too for some inspiration. Enjoy these great works.

Caution for younger readers: The poem In My Own Little Corner: No Accessories contains coarse language.

Mind Sex
by Iris Orpi

He is my mental lover
sitting across from me on the table
the perfect gentleman

stimulating my mind
with his talks of
politics and society
abstract thoughts
about human nature
tickling my senses with
his command of
movies and music
arts and children
trees and the full moon
making me crave and swoon
over his conversation
about passion

he does not even touch me
except perhaps
for the occasional
gallant gesture
making me feel like
I’m a prize for princes

while he undresses me with his eyes
penetrating me with his gaze
impaling me through the heart
his voice and laughter
much like
gentle caresses
my pores are almost
ready to ooze out honey
and brilliance

he twirls me around
in a dance of thoughts
and makes me dizzy
just sitting here wondering
what he’s really thinking
he picks up my heart
like plucking a delicate orchid
opening my petals
one by one
as I reveal myself to his
tactfully probing
like he really wants to know me

and his sincere and precise
always perfectly timed
make me feel like
he is slowly entering my soul

hitting that spot
making me quiver
and blush
in anticipation

this man is a pro
on mind sex
man, does he work it
and does he work me
until I am sweaty and wet
and ready and willing
for the next step

Am I Worth It
by Dimetri

You’ve always come first in my life
I wear the rings but I’m not your wife
We’ve been playing house far too long
Year after year the same ol’ song
Our love has weakened can we make it strong

You did some things some hurtful things
I said some things some nasty things
You asked should you leave I said goodbye
Now I’m wondering if in your eyes am I worth another try
Am I worth it am I worth the fight
Do I still matter in your life
Is it wrong for me to think that it’s right for you to run back home
Or should we baby just leave it alone

A friend and a lover there’s never been another
To love me so good now you treat me so wrong
This love has weakened how can we make it strong
I’ll forget my pride and you do the same
Let’s both agree that were both the blame

Note To Self
by Kavya Rajagopalan

Don’t forget
To remember
That the darkness
Can’t and won’t last forever.
And remember
To forget
The words said by those
Now removed from your present.

Don’t keep
Holding on
To memories
That are best laid to rest.
And hold on
To the hope
That you hold within.

Don’t lose
Sight of
The fact that
The future will sparkle.
And find
A vision
Of what you want
Then focus…

And whatever you do,

Don’t lose hope.

by Cynthia Alejandra Ayala

She could not tell
From whence they came.
Swiftly they were
Blurry as the rain.
Frightening they seemed
For she could not tell
What was real
Or what was fake.

In her disillusioned mind
Not everything
Was what it seemed
Things that might have happened
Or things that will
Played in her head
But never whole
Fragments they were
Blinding her.

She could not tell
What they were
All she knew
Was that they
Frightened her.
Faces blurry
Words lost in the wind

She could not tell
What they were.
She saw them awake
She saw them in her dreams
But she hoped they would
Go away
And leave her in peace.

Visions of things
Of different times
Plagued her mind
As she slept
And as she stared
Into the sky.

Hopeless Virgin
by Kristine Mack

Hello, can’t you feel my heart drumming fast?
It seems like it was light-years away since we last talk
when it was but only a few hours ago.
Can one say that what one feels is true
When the mind stops and the heart start to beat fast?
Cliché, yes, I guess it is so, but how can you stop
Someone’s pop, in making you unconsciously smile?

My mind said stop, you will only get hurt
But heart won’t listen; she is just a headstrong girl
The pain maybe worth it someday, somehow
Even if I tried, cutting the connection
You just keep on creeping back
So tell me little bird, will he hurt me so
Just like someone did, years ago?

I look like a fool, a dumb piece of intellectual being
Waiting for your presence in a matter of seconds
Watching as minutes gone by, getting hopeless
Hoping and wishing, like a pauper waiting for her king
Tell me please when this madness will end
I do not want to live alone; I do not want to breathe the air
Without him, I am just an empty piece of shell.

Tired in my heart, deadweight in my soul
Been living an endless existence for half a century
Will this be the end of it? Will he be my other half?
I must be dreaming perhaps, he might not feel the way I feel
It would be like pricking this bubble I am living in
Wake me up to the harshness of life or let me be?
Hear my song, hear my cry or leave me forever alone.

Our Differences
by Lola Gentry and Candi Sweet

You are full brazen;
Your swollen tan lies crisp on sunbaked sand;
You call attention to my snug rounded smooth firm thighs,
But you take my breasts in hand instead.

Seductive anticipation,
You promise me the taste of fried chicken skin;
And so my mouth waters all woman—
Course and raspy pudding under foot.

But I am short on your mind,
I am the shadow of a soporiferous color;
You set me aside for a long look at naked dancing girls—
Their bold vees fit well for the Valencia republic.

Your lamentations bay to the one who will take your grasp;
Your espousals become the smell of arid nicotine;
You promise motherhood to girls offering views of their paunches,
But your oaths tumble over ecstasy stains on fingers rolling dry leaves.

We go our separate ways:
I to a pretty face with unpainted lips.
I make no promises;
I am only hungry to know the heart.

In My Own Little Corner: No Accessories
by NostalgiaJones

My race is not a purse, I can never place it down or shop for a new one.
My race is not a bag
I will never put it away, hoping it will come back into fashion
My race is not a clutch
and I refuse to lose it
…My ethnicity is not a pair of peep-toed pumps
and I will never remove it when my stroll becomes weary
My ethnicity is not mary-janes
and my blackness is not something I will break in
My ethnicity is not a fad, and there will be no questions of “what is the new black”
My culture is not a sweater and I could never hang it up with the slightest change of weather
My culture is not a pair of jeans
because year after year I will never grow out of it.
Fuck no, my culture is not a shirt. Honey, this will never fade
So open up your mind so you can see this today
Close your eyes then open them and view me as bare.
Delve beyond the fashion
No purse, no pumps, no pair of jeans.
See me as naked, see me as me.
My culture, my race, my ethnicity
No accessories.

For Better Or For Worse
by Alex K. S.

Sometimes we fall down.
All of us.
It’s in those times,
The times we’ve scraped our knees
And bitten through our lips,
That we see true character.
Character not only in ourselves,
But in those we rely on.

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

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Poetic License – April 2011

Poetic License is a recurring feature on Morning Erection that allows me to showcase some of the great poets that I find in my travels throughout the Internet. If you have missed any previous months, a great place to start is with Morning Erection’s Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine. The second issue will be released in May. Come back for that. While you are at it, why not subscribe to this blog so you never have to miss another issue.

by Redragonfly

When you sing under the moonshine
And the wind blows soft it’s voice
Make the leaves dance with each other
Like nature can feel everything
Your heart is in love

Maybe sometimes you will cry all day
Trying to keep the heart from breaking
Hurting your self for many reasons without explanation
And drop your tears down to the earth
It is love, too

There’s definitely no sense
Just doing and doing what you want
Love has no reason
Love has no why
No who no how
No question

Everytime everything is changed
Being different for me and you
Something old something new
Someone stays another moves
Never be silent for the streets
Time passes away with no care
But one still in heart

Loving is like lighting the darkness
Lie down body in blossom
Feel the air touch the hair
Let anything flow anyway

And you,
You are my rainy summer
My winter sun
My autumn touch of gold
My spring happy songs

I Love you
For better and worse
No reasons
For everything
No questions
Just loving you
And only you …

Shadow Of The Night
by Tim Moss

I can sense it
I can feel it’s
Lurking shadow
Following me
Throughout the night
It haunts me
Wishing for the morning light
And waiting for it to fall upon me
Throughout the day
The shadow stays away
For light it hates
But it stays up late

Now with no ones help
I am faced by myself
To fight this shadow
Or bow down low
But I can’t fight
A might
That is greater then me
But I won’t be
The known
But rather the unknown
I shall be,
And let the shadow of the night,
Kill me softy

A House Turned To Ice
by Tekia Miller

No longer is there any warmth in our home
Walls decorated in frosty ice
Cracked where angry fists hit in frustration
My face just as cracked, bruised from the recent encounter
I once knew your heart to be warm
A place to lay my head, to lay my love
Something has hollowed you out
Replaced a loving spirit with a foul spirit
Ice now courses through your veins
Vile words of acid burn through me
My heart healed over and over
Frets constantly not knowing when you’ll strike again
It has grown heavy with scar tissue
How much more it can take
I know not
Dark stares from glassy eyes
Are void of light
Alas we’ve become mere shadows
Moving through the halls
Of a house turned to ice

Last Night
by Cha’s Palette

Here comes the rain, pouring down my window
Tapping on my pane, lingering are my sorrows
For every drop of rain, tears run down my cheeks
And all the memories coming back, they are making my heart sick

I write our names on my window’s mist
And there, at the back of my mind, our final kiss
Painful yet sweet; Passionate yet so tormenting
Afterwhich, a smile across my lips, so deceiving

I sat alone in this dark, empty room
Looking for solace against my self-made doom
As I hug my pillow tight, I think about you and me
Wishing it was you I’m holding, instead of mem’ries

Rain pours, tears fall; Memories come to life
As I say goodbye in this cold, dark night…

Sunday Morning
by Kimeko Shera Farrar

Lift me up a little higher
So I can see over the Monday morning blues that are already starting to set in
And I can move beyond the mistakes I made last week
Heal whatever problems are testing my faith
In my body, my mind, my spirit
Because I desire
To have the physical strength to handle whatever obstacles are sent to make me stronger
I desire
To have enough wisdom to make decisions untainted by present circumstances or worldly desires
I desire
To be filled with enough patience and peace to wait on what is meant for me
Lift me up a little higher
Not so I can rise above others
And not so I can be more than I need to be
But so I can pull as many as possible up with me
And they can benefit from the journey I have been promised and I will have your favor
Because I shied away from greed, selfishness and pettiness
I give all I have with every heave of my chest and bat of my eyelash
I will not get tired, I will not give up, I will not give out
So in the end
I can be lifted up a little higher

Two Stars
by Joel Fagerberg

Stars entangled in space
wrapped around us like bed sheets
like each other’s arms
on a cold week day morning

An eternal supernova
to give to each other and the world
unremittingly and natural
this magnetic energy between us

The universe is simply shocked
in response to our interwoven rays
that shine in every color
and forever shine brightly

You pull me in and I pull
because the way we understand
each other travels faster
than light ever could

by Vikram Parmar


being perfectly real
to follow your dreams
to be what you are meant to be

to fly around in thoughts
forgetting the droughts
sleeping under stars,
vanishing scars
watching it rain for hours
a laugh like flowers

wanting to go through it all over again,
still loving the pains
scattering light,
the first fight
to have a feeling that possesses,
to be alone in recesses taking action,
reaching perfection

thought of you,
like morning dew

your eyes, your smile,
nothing venile

to witness you,
a myth that came true ;D

you in the morning,
cautiously warning

to breathe you,
in the hue

to grow old with you
to die with you

to *** seek you
an enchanted hope,out in the blue!


To seek you is to seek me for myself.

by iBeingMe

Sitting at a table
she writes what’s in her heart
sharing words of love, pain and friendship
that tear her apart
but every word she writes is true
about her empty soul
and the way that her life
spirals out of control
making her question what
she must have done to be
treated as she is by life
because she can not see
anything she’s ever done
to be worthy of such pain
I know she’ll find happiness again.

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

If your poem is featured on Poetic License please consider adding the graphic to your site. It definitely is not required but you would make me a happy camper!

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