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Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs Fix-It

The world we live in is too say the very least, in sad shape. Children are being abused, going to be hungry. The sick and shut in are denied treatment and the elderly are treated like dirt. People are taking advantage of other people who are in worse shape than they are. Computer scams and mail fraud are hurting the naive and vulnerable. Prejudice and stupidity run rampant and people killing other people using airplanes to take down entire buildings.

We are ingesting fish filled with mercury and other toxic chemicals, there is a floating mass of trash and plastics in the North Pacific the size of Texas. Big business is targeting minorities with fast food that causes diabetes and obesity in our children. Colt 45 is marketed directly to young Black men. We’re bombarded every night with commercials for this drug and that drug. There’s something really wrong if we have to make drug suggestions to our doctors instead of the other way around.

Lyrics in music and sex on television helps to persuade our kids to have sex at a young age. Don’t be naive and think it doesn’t. When I see a commercial for McDonald’s I want some fries. So to think that a fourteen year old boy seeing all the seductive and scantily clothed girls on Gossip Girl, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, or 90210 don’t want some booty, you’re wrong. It’s already what they think about at least every ten minutes anyway.

Babies being shaken and killed by the mother’s boyfriends. Kids taking guns to school and killing their friends, teachers and other classmates. Natural disasters and viruses destroying whole families. The economy has millions of people unemployed and NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars. Corrupt governments committing genocide.

I have listed an exhaustive number of things going on in our world but far from a complete list. If you could do one thing to help fix our world please tell us what it is you would do. Even if you don’t have a solution, which particular problem would you like fixed. If you think you might have a solution, I would love to hear that as well.


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