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Free Your Spirit – Free Your Mind: We Are Not Our Parents

danielbeatyknock knockFor every child living in denial.
For every child dealing with divorce.
For every son living without a father.
For every daughter living without a mother.

For everyone thinking they aren’t loved.
For anyone who would think less of themself.
For everyone dealing with shame.
For anyone whose embarrassed by their name.

For all those who think the hurt won’t end.
For the little one who just don’t understand.
For a society who thinks time can’t heal.
For a myriad of pain that life tends to reveal.

For death, divorce, child support, sickness, childhood abuse, bullying, and the like.
Free your mind, free your spirit.
You are not held responsible for the things you can’t control.
You are worthy on the merit of who you are.
You are worthy because God said so.
You can escape the guilt, the hurt and all the pain.

For any one disappointed by a parent.
Free your spirit. Tell a joke, Knock, Knock.
For any one disillusioned by a loved one.
Free your mind. Play a game, Knock Knock.
~ Tom Baker

Click on Knock Knock and enjoy the poetry of Daniel Beaty.


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