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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2010

Again there were lots of great commercials this Super Bowl but this is the first time I get to blog about them. Let me start off by saying is dead last just because I hate GoDaddy commercials so very much. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints! The better team won even though the interception looked choreographed.

Ten Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2010

1. Betty White – Abe Vigoda Snickers

2. Young Son Doritos

3. NCIS Headslap

4. Dog Collar Doritos

5. Bud Lite Party Right

6. Oprah, Jay and Dave Letterman

7. Brett Favre – Hyundai Sonota


B L A C K   H I S T O R Y   M O N T H   N U G G E T   O F   T H E   D A Y


Even though Western history often excludes the accomplishments of historical Black individuals, often the truth can be found handed down from generation to generation in other societies. African traditions teach that Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, circa 960 BC, was a Black woman. Makeda and the King of Israel, Solomon. The Queen of Sheba became curious with King Solomon’s reign and paid a state visit to him that lasted for months. That would be like President Obama visiting a county with a female leader and staying there for months. Eventually King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba became lovers.


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American Companies – Foreign Products

While on a business trip in Mexico I became thirsty. Not wanting to drink the water from the tap, I took a stroll to the corner market for some bottled water. The meeting was only dismissed for a short time so I didn’t have time for a trip back to my hotel.

I came across some drink mix that I had never seen before but I grew up with it all my life. It was a normal breakfast drink for us kids. It was Tang. I drank it, Terri drank it and even astronauts had drank it. The difference is it wasn’t the orange Tang that I knew and loved. It was Passion fruit flavored I believe.

mango tang

I grabbed all that they had on the shelf. It was good tasting. Before I left I found two more flavors and bought them as well. I mailed them back home to myself and shared with all who would partake. It turns out that there are many brands that American companies change to please the palate of different lands. I couldn’t find too many examples but what I did find is below. Japan is a country with an eclectic taste and the products companies make for them prove it. Any make you hungry?


gourmet doritos nori-doritos wasabi_doritos doritos-tacosticks pizza-la-doritos


pepsi_white pepsiicecucumberwt2




balsamic pringles pringlesextrapepper nightclubpringles


green tea kitkats kit kat pineapple

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