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…And The Lived Blogging Ever After

JeLisa’s blog about her wedding and marriage might be seemingly insignificant to most but they are important to her, and she doesn’t want those memories or significance to fade over time. JeLisa is married to Galen who is often featured in her writing and photos. If you’re planning on getting married or want the marriage you’re in to work, this is a great fun resource. If you don’t fit into the aforementioned categories, it is still a great read.

JeLisa says,

Renting a movie, inflating our AeroBed in the living room, eating popcorn, and having a slumber party is one of those things we never did until we were married, so I consider it one of the perks of our being married.

I highly recommend it!



Simply Recipes is  blog created and maintained Elise Bauer. Unlike most of the large recipe sites that you might find on the Internet with tens of thousands of recipes, Simply Recipes is her personal website, with only a few hundred recipes, all tested by either Elise, her family or her friends.

Simply Recipes was noted in Time Magazine’s 50 Coolest Websites of 2006 as being a “great resource for cooks”.

Many of the recipes are old family recipes, many we make up, and many of them are those that we pull from cookbooks, magazines, and newspaper clippings we’ve collected over 30 years.

Elise is not related to CTU agent Jack Bauer.


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