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Party Bread

December did not turn out to be the food month I had planned and I’ve been busier lately than I usually am so I thought to myself, why not steal someone else’s post! Immediately after seeing this post I knew I was making this on New Year’s Day.

What do you think about this beautiful appetizer?

New Year’s Eve will be upon us in six short days. Now, ask yourself this questions: are you properly prepared to celebrate?

If you don’t have all the ingredients to make this Party Bread, then the answer is: no.

You see, I’ve been ringin’ in the New Year with this cheesy, buttery, heavenly bread for as long as I can remember, and I don’t think I could celebrate without it. It is so insanely good; we’re talking blow-your-mind-all-the-way-to-the-moon-and-back good. You won’t even be able to wrap your head around the utter deliciousness of this hot, cheesy bread.

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Pass The Bread & The L-cysteine

What? What is L-cysteine? Well I am glad I formatted the question as if you asked! L-cysteine is an amino acid. It’s actually an amino acid that is not essential to your existence. It is however added to a lot of baked goods, including breads, rolls, pizza dough, and even pastries.

So what! Well there is a lot of L-cysteine that is synthesized in laboratories. Most however is not. L-cysteine is added for commercial baking purposes to make food enhancers and speed the conditioning of the flour. If L-cysteine is used and it is not manufactured in a laboratory, where is it from?

It does depend on the source and the company producing the amino acid. The majority however is from China. It is from a variety of sources. I hope you aren’t eating any baked goods right now…. The sources include human hair usually collected from the floor of barber shops or salons, pig hair, duck or chicken feathers or cow horns. If it doesn’t bother you, good for you. If you are a vegetarian, vegan, Muslim or Jewish, it does make a difference.

The sources for this bit of information include the Vegetarian Resource Group and Natural News. Read more.

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Christmas Food & Family Traditions

The sense of smell is a strong catalyst for remembering moments from the past. Fond memories of Thanksgiving at your grandparents can be conjured up by the smell of an apple pie or the aroma of hot chocolate can bring back memories of a week in the mountains with family and friends.

For me there is a smell in the outdoor air that has a “it’s gonna snow” smell to it. You might know what I mean and you might not, but when I smell that, whether or not it is supposed to snow, has me remembering all the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners I had as a child. These are the times when all the additional sections of the dining room table have been added and the card tables have been pulled out so the kids have a place to sit and eat. When even though family members were packing the house and bringing whatever their assigned dish was, the overpowering smell was the cinnamon from the still baking apple pies. I was blessed with a wonderful family. From my nuclear family to the extended family as well as my new found blogging family. Our get-togethers have never been the kind of fiasco you’ve seen in movies. Thank God! Although, it might have been fun to have an Aunt Bethany say grace like in Christmas Vacation!

What food conjures up images and memories of Christmas past for you?

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