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Morning Erections, IV: By Request

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If you read the first three posts on this blog, you know that they were of sexual nature. They were a few experiences of the many I have had, dealing with some of my sister’s friends. One of her friends in particular, Leigh continues to hold a place in the recesses of my mind. I have dreams about her at least once a month and I usually wake up with her on my mind and an erection under the covers.

Now that I’m getting married I need to keep the things of the past in the past. Still, I continue to get requests for more stories. With permission from April here are three more of my real life experience and believe me, these will be the last ones.


Maybe you remember I took lots of photos of my sister’s friends? I took something else too. On one occasion I had been swimming naked earlier in the day when I was home alone. Several hours later Terri and two of her friends came home. The two friends had bags and towels in their hands. Okay, I knew they were going to go swimming and if I was going to see naked women today, I had to act quickly. I dropped what I was making, I think it was a sandwich, and ran into the hall closet and shut the doors.

The hall closet shares the same wall as the bathroom and the closet itself has a closet inside it. We store all the Christmas decorations in the closet’s closet. There is plenty of hiding room in the closet so I would never be caught unless someone wanted to set up for Christmas early. Previously, I had cut a hole in the drywall in the closet which allowed me to see into the bathroom, where the linen is stored without being seen myself. First one girl came in and then the other. Naked women are a beautiful site. Different sizes, different shapes, different colors, but they are all beautiful – especially naked. Looking throw my peephole at the breasts, the curves, the legs and the hair. I was excited but I stayed quiet and I stayed still.

After Terri had changed I waited and gave them enough time to get out to the pool before I left the closet. I could see the pool from my bedroom downstairs and that’s normally my lookout post when the girls were over. Since the girls didn’t have their suits on when they got here like normally, I got a new idea. Terri’s clothes were on the bathroom floor so of course I knew the clothes in her room were her friends. I took a few bags of chips and some sodas out to the girls and came back to Terri’s room. I’ve learned that girls usually ball their panties up and hide them in some other piece of clothing and then put them at the bottom of the clothes pile. As I looked through one pile, I wondered if at anytime during the day some thought or someone had caused their feminine juice to seeped from their lips and dampened their panties. I wanted to smell it.

Before pulling the first pair of panties out of the mound of clothes, I made sure I remembered exactly how she had them. I opened the black silky material and there it was. The usual white residue that clings to the fabric. I brought the moist material up to my nose to smell her essence. The sweet smell permeated my senses. To this day, next to coffee, there is no sweeter more intoxicating aroma I’ve been able to find.

The next pair was even more intense and there was no residue. I was so tempted to take them. If there had been any other plausible explanation except for the obvious, I would have. I rubbed the panties on my nostrils so I could smell them for the rest of the day, placed them back where they were and got out of dodge.


Family and Friends weekend at my sister’s college was an interesting weekend for me. I got to kiss about six to eight different girls during the party playing spin the bottle and went to a different room and played Truth or Dare. Playing Truth or Dare allowed me to strip down to my underwear and also get to see two pair of lovely breasts. I also had to hide my erection most of the game but they didn’t embarrass me too much about it. I won’t be able to tell you about the first time I played Truth or Dare but I was at my best friend’s house and his female cousins were there. What a night that was! But I digress…

My sister had five roommates (all of whom were at the party). Terri had decided to go to work after the party. Originally she was going to bail, but changed her mind and went in. She worked at a gas station on Friday and Saturday nights. She had to be to work at midnight but she was late getting there because of the party.

Walking back to the apartment with her roommates I was thinking how glad I was that my sister had decided to go to work. I was tired and buzzed and with her at work, it meant I could sleep in her bed and not on the floor in her pink sleeping bag. I said my goodnights to the ladies, went to Terri’s room and got undressed and climbed into bed. I always sleep in the nude so with my sister away at work, I saw no reason to stop that night. Her roommates were a little toasty too but they didn’t seem the least bit tired. They were laughing and joking and the TV was far too loud. I got out of bed and took a peek into the living room. They were wide awake still drinking and watching a movie.

Being the voyeur that I am I wanted to see all the girls naked and with my sister at work I was hoping I could at least see one of them. I set up my video camera and hid it in the sleeping bag hoping to catch the girl who sleeps in her room. I set it on record and every 15 minutes I would rewind, hit record and replace it back in the sleeping bag. I climbed back in bed and I looked at the clock and it was close to 1:30 am. I wondered when her roommate was going to come in and go to sleep.

gamesBeing the exhibitionist that I was, I knew I could also pretend to be asleep and have the sheets pulled down exposing myself; and with my lack of control I knew I would be erect. I was getting sleepier by the minute but around 2:15 she came in. The TV was either turned down or off so I guess all the girls had decided to go to bed. I’m not sure which of the girls slept in the room with my sister but she came in, turned on the light and I could hear her fumbling around as she got undressed. I’m not so sure so even noticed that I was in the room. She climbed in bed without turning off the light and no sooner than her head hit the pillow she was back up. She went into the bathroom. That gave me time to turn off the video recorder and hide it in my bag. I was eager to know whether or not I was able to capture anything. If she was in the range of the lens I would have her but that would have to wait until morning.

Sure that she was too wasted to notice I was in the room I decided to reposition myself on the bed and shuffle the covers exposing all but my legs. I also decided to lay on my side instead of my back and cough loudly when she walked back in the room. She walked in and closed the door. I coughed loudly and turned onto my side facing her. My erection pointed directly at her and all I could do was hope she turned to see who the cough came from. She flicked the ceiling light on and I had to fight the flinching of my eyelids from the shock to them. I heard her gasp and walk over to the side of my sister’s bed. I could feel her gawking at my crotch. I flinched my muscles and my penis bounced up and down twice for her viewing pleasure. She grabbed at the sheets (I’m guessing to cover me) but I had wrapped the sheets under my arm and foot. They wouldn’t move. I moaned “Oh, yes,” as if I were dreaming and turned onto my back. “Mmmm”, I panted and slid my hand down and ran my fingers across my shaved pubic area. She stood there watching.

I doubt very seriously if any of the girls in the apartment were virgins but she got down on her knees and kept watching my penis. I felt her hand on the bed next to my hip. Could it be that she was a virgin or had never seen an erection before? Was she bold enough to touch me, I wondered? She got up and walked across the room. I thought she was going to get in bed but a few seconds later there was a flash of light. She had taken a picture of me.

That changed things. The tables were turned and I was now captured on film. Did she just shoot my penis or does she have my face in the photo too. Is the birthmark on my leg in the photo? Can the photo clearly distinguish me, Tom Baker? My skin was tingling as I felt the flood of adrenaline rush through my veins. I was embarrassed now and I could feel myself losing my erection. I pretended the flash had slightly awakened me and I turned my back toward her. She took another picture of my butt this time. It was about 3:30 now and my testicles were beginning to ache. She switched off the ceiling light but kept the desk light on. Maybe she was afraid of the dark.

waiting teenShe climbed into her bed and I laid there pretending to sleep until I thought she was asleep. I opened my eyes after what seemed like hours. She was flat on her back with no covers. She was in shorts and bra; they were pulled slightly down leaving her panties exposed. It was so obvious that she did that on purpose for the showing that she had seen, so when I woke up in the morning I could see her in her glory. She was clean shaven too in her see through panties. I was hard again. At that point I could care less. My nuts were in pain and I had to relieve myself.

I grabbed a hand towel out of the bathroom and went into the living room. They had a large empty space between the couch and the TV. I laid on the floor, feet on the floor and knees bent aiming toward east and west and I was stroking myself up and down. I was hoping one of the other girls came out of their rooms and witness what I was doing. No such luck. I came and cleaned up. The next afternoon I found a disposable camera on Danielle’s desk. I stole it when she went to the Student Center. When I got back home Sunday night I went directly to CVS. When I got the photos back the next day, none of them were of me. I never found those photos but the next time I visited I put the photos I stole into the lost and found with her name on it. She did get them eventually.


They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well my robe became so worn out that it was becoming increasingly difficult to walk around the house nonchalantly with holes in it and areas worn enough to be see through. I kept the robe but I discovered I could use either boxers or shorts to keep my parents off my back. I didn’t want them seeing my flesh through the holes, especially not my penis and balls. Wearing boxers allowed me to expose myself at will through the pee hole and still stay hidden if my sister or parents were around. I also came across some shorts that had holes cut out all over them. They were lined with silky material to hide flesh. I cut across the elastic at the top of the shorts and at the legs and removed that lining (see image of material with lining). When I stood in front of a light source in the white or gray pair the silhouette of my cock and nuts could be seen through the material.

It was a very cold winter and I was getting sick a lot during the long winter months and thought it might be because I sleep naked. After a few days of searching malls and the internet, I came across a site that sold a one piece step in pajama. I thought I could stay warm, healthy and still make it easy to expose myself at random. Girls nightgowns ride up while they sleep so it made sense that things ride up on men too. I was able to order a black pair of the step ins and I also got an over-sized nightshirt for men. I could vary my sleeping attire and not look like I was purposely exposing myself for my sister’s friends.

It was February I think. Anyway, because I was sick a lot I know it was late in the winter season. I have never seen my sister naked and I don’t think she has ever seen me unless of course Danielle showed her those photos. If she ever saw those I would have been mortified and scared that she would run to tell my parents. Terri never told on me if she had seen them and Danielle never brought it up to me either. I never wanted for Terri to ever see me but it wasn’t always easy to come up with ways for her friends to see me or me them without Terri in the same room or somewhere in the vicinity. The wonderful thing about my sister is that she was not good at staying up really late or if she got a phone call she would leave her friends alone for sometimes hours. Also her friends stayed awake even after Terri fell asleep, and she was usually sound asleep early.

My parents liked to travel as a family and by themselves. They owned timeshares all over the world and sometimes we had to go with them as a family. It wasn’t bad. I think I got my love of travel from them and we were often allowed to bring friends. I would often decline to ask friends because if I didn’t bring anyone that meant Terri could bring extra. This particular year I declined to bring my best friend who desperately wanted to go. He liked hanging around with me when my sister had friends over and relished the chance to see them in their pajamas like he thought I did all the time. Most of the time I didn’t invite him over when Terri had over overnight guests because if he stayed it would have meant we would have to share my bed. There was no other place for him to sleep. As a teen, I could get an erection if the wind blew too hard and I didn’t need anything like that happening with him in my bed but the thought that during the night he might get one was even more disturbing to me. Any other time was fine because he slept on the couch bed and I in my bed. More importantly, if he was there while Terri’s friends were there, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I wanted to do.

This particular year we were going to Aspen. My mom begged me not to pack my ‘raggedy’ robe and promised to buy me new skis if I left it. Not to be bribed, I told her I didn’t need new skis, but she managed to take my robe out of my suitcase and hide it anyway. It wasn’t until I unpacked in Colorado did I find my robe missing. I was angry but I didn’t let onto it. No need to bring unnecessary attention to my exhibitionism fetish. When we arrived in Aspen we were given the entire week complimentary because of a mix up with reservations. We were given a townhouse which only slept six and not the eight to ten they had requested. That meant my parents had the master bedroom and there was one other room with two sets of bunk beds. Of course I had no reason to complain. I would just sleep on the couch. Terri’s friend, Steffanie, who spent most of the flight talking to me made an earnest plea to not make me sleep in another room and that it was fine for me to share their room. What I didn’t know is Steff liked me and that is why Terri invited her. As with all my sister’s friends Steff was pretty and I could see in her eyes this would be a pleasant week.

The first night was uneventful. I was nervous that my sister was in the bunk below me so I was careful and kept mostly covered. The three girls stayed up talking for what seemed like hours until my mother told them to be quiet. Steff was in the other top bunk and from the light that peaked through the window I noticed as her covers hugged the shape of her body – especially her large breasts.

The next morning everyone went sightseeing and skiing. I went to the movies by myself and when I got back to the townhouse it was time for dinner. Steff asked if anybody wanted to play cards. We played Speed and Rummy 500 for hours. Later she spent time with my sister and Rachel. There was nothing to watch on TV so I took a shower, put on my nightshirt and went to bed. As I was leaving the bathroom I overheard Steff saying that she was sleepy too. About a half hour later, Steff came in. She softly called my name asking if I was asleep, but I did not respond.

She closed the door most of the way. I continued to pretend to be asleep. I thought if I opened my eyes the light from the hall or the light from outside would reveal that I was awake. I tried to keep my eyes shut but I could tell she was undressing. I moved my hand to cover my eyes and opened them slightly to look through my fingers. My sister came barging in and asked, “Steff, can we borrow your cards”. Steffanie shushed her and said, “you’ll wake your brother!, and as you can see I don’t want him to see me like this”. She walked over in just her panties to grab the deck off Rachel’s bottom bunk. She handed the cards to Terri, grabbed her robe and went to get a shower.

I got out of bed to adjust the blinds so more light shined up and less on the floor. I could clearly see her bed and the light also shined on my bed. I decided to sleep with my head underneath the pillow so the shadow would hide my face from her. I watched as she came back in the room with her hair still wet. I could smell the Coast soap she used. She took off her robe. Tonight she had on a black lace babydoll nightie that was see through. If I wasn’t hard before I grew hard then. Why in God’s name would a teenager wear something like that. What kind of parent would allow their daughter to buy it? I was delighted and disturbed at the same time. I wanted to be a parent one day. Is this how I want my daughter dressing and behaving?

Soon after Steff climbed into bed the light clicked on. It was Rachel and Terri. They gathered their things and asked Steff if she wanted to sleep out in the den with them. Steff did not respond. The girls gathered their clothes and my sister thumbed through her suitcase looking for her books. They turned out the light and left. Steff rolled over in her bed and started mumbling to herself about not wanting to sleep on a hard floor. After the second shower had been taken I felt strongly enough that Rachel and Terri would not be back in the room until the morning.

I didn’t know which way Steff was facing, me or the wall, but I slowly and quietly adjusted my nightshirt until it was up to my chest and over the course of time tossed and tumbled my sheets off of myself. Again, I didn’t know if she could see me or not but I had positioned myself so my back and ass were exposed. I heard Steff giggle at my skinny butt so I know she saw me. Laughter wasn’t the reaction I wanted. In fact I got scared that she would go get the other two. She didn’t. I turned onto my back revealing my erection. Pretending to be asleep and dreaming I uttered, “Kiss me Steffanie” in a sultry yet groggy voice. The light from outside was shining on my left eye so I know it was also shining on the rest of my body. My right arm was resting on my forehead (I used this position often). She climbed out of bed, probably not sure what she had heard. She grabbed the bedpost and stood on the bed below mine.

I could feel her hot breath on my stomach. She was that close! She held my erection in her hand. Maybe it was the first one she had seen. She whispered to herself, ‘how can it get that hard?” She let me go, kissed my left nipple and went back to bed. I did the usual; laid quiet until I thought she was asleep and covered myself up. The next morning Steff was already out of bed and in the kitchen when I walked in. My parents were in the breakfast nook drinking coffee. Steff had regular pajamas on now and without batting an eye asked me if I wanted some orange juice. I spent the day with my Dad and the girls went with my mother. Nothing much happened the rest of the trip until Thursday night. For the second time the girls decided to sleep in the den, Steff included.

I said my goodnights and went to the bedroom. Steffanie was standing in the kitchen looking like she had done something wrong. I was too busy thinking about the thin shorts Rachel was wearing and the way her pubic hair peaked out from under her floral panties to care about what Steffi had been doing. Rachel was kinda sitting Indian style playing solitaire in front of the TV. I had a clear view of her and I sat there at the dining room table with my penis trying to escape my jeans.

I went to bed naked cause I had the room to myself. Hours later I was awakened when I heard the toilet flush and then in came Steff. She lifted the sheets off me and saw my erection. She got undressed and fully naked, climbed into bed with me. I wasn’t going to risk anything so I just laid there. I was so excited. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. This only happens in bad teen comedies like American Pie. I rolled over onto my side facing the wall but she gently lowered me onto my back again.

Her breast was sitting on my chest and I wanted to reach for it. I wanted to do so many things to this girl. I felt the weight of my seven inches on my stomach. It throbbed as did my head as I felt my dick, my head, my ears each pulse with each beat of my heart. Steff climbed on top of me and lowered her wet spread lips on top of me. She moved up and down on me and grinded harder and faster until she climaxed. I felt her juices ooze down my balls and in between my crack. She came quickly and then did it again. I was moaning and pretending to be having a sexual dream. I think I played the part well enough that she believed me. Before she could cum again someone came in. I was hoping it wasn’t one of my parents. A voice said, “My turn”. It was Steffie. That meant it was Rachel on top of me.

Rachel climbed down and Steffie started getting undressed. Steffie was in the bed with me in no time. Rachel grabbed a chair from the desk and stood on it watching as Steffie grinded her pubic mound into me. Rachel began licking my nipple and I instinctively uttered something to let them know I was still asleep and dreaming. Even so I reached with my hands and cupped Steffie’s butt and helped her motion. I said, “Yes, yes suck it harder”, to throw them off even more. After Steffie came, I remember thinking to myself I wish I could marry one of these girls. It took no effort at all for them to cum. I had always heard it takes a while for girls to get their motor working. Anyway, I was covered with vaginal juices from two different girls and a story no one would ever believe.

The night before we flew back home Steffie and I went for a walk. We got some hot cocoa and on the way home she asked me if she could see me naked. I asked if she was serious. She responded in the affirmative but I asked “Why, and why me”? She’s two years older than me and very attractive. Guys would kill to be with her. She told me that she had heard me talking in my sleep about a dream I was having and I called out her name. She said the sheet was raised so she knew I had an erection. She was lying. She knows what really happened and she believed I was not just pretending to be asleep.

I acted embarrassed and naive. We walked in silence the rest of the way but I knew she wanted an answer. Before we went in I told her she could if I could see her. I told her I had never seen a naked girl and I wanted to see all of her, even with her legs spread AND I wanted to take some pictures…

She took about two hours to agree and give me an answer. Her condition was that I had to allow her to take pictures of me. We  were all in the same room so we waited until about 2:00 am. We left the bedroom and went downstairs into the hot tub area. We both took off our clothes and agreed to keep faces out of the photos.

She looked me over and touched me. I was erect the entire time we were there. I even had to explain to her what pre cum was because I was losing it at record speed. I shot most of the photos of her and let her take some of me. My favorite photo was her letting me part her lips and take a close up of her clitoris. I asked if I could lick her but she said we hadn’t agreed to anything like that. She only had one shot left on her roll so I had to let her use my camera to take more of me. I never saw the photo of me from her camera and I never showed her the shots she took of me from mine. I couldn’t – I had her face in many of the shots.

I liked Aspen…

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