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Guest Blogger, Thoughtsy

Yet another wonderful blogger has agreed to guest for me. Her name is Thoughtsy and she has an extremely humorous blog that screamed ‘I want to guest post for someone”. I think I was the only one hearing those words yet still she willingly agreed to guest here. I sincerely appreciate it when someone takes time away from their own blog to help me and a guest post is a big responsibility and can be stressful for the guest. Thank you again Thoughtsy.
For my readers and any readers from her blog, Thoughts Appear, I ask as a favor to me please show Thoughtsy the courtesy of leaving a comments.

I Am The Blue Wombat

Hi. My name is Thoughtsy, and when I grow up, I want to be a superhero. I don’t have a superpower yet, but I’ve always been a late bloomer, so it could happen any day now.

But for now I just watch movies and take notes. Recently, I watched The Green Hornet, and here’s what I learned.

Steps to Becoming a Superhero

  1. Cut the head off a statue of your father.
  2. Recruit the person who makes your coffee to be your sidekick. He’s smarter than you are. And he’s a better fighter.
  3. Choose the “Green Bee” as your superhero name.
  4. Realize your original superhero name falls short and does not strike fear into anyone’s heart…except for people who are allergic to bees.
  5. Learn the words to “Gangster’s Paradise.” Sing it while you’re cruising for crime.

I can’t reveal the rest of the steps because I don’t want the steps to fall into the hands of a supervillian. And let’s face it: you and I…we don’t know each other very well yet. I figure you’re cool since you’re visiting Tom’s site, but still….

The movie did leave me wondering a few things, such as Why isn’t “La Cucaracha” a good superhero song? and What is a disco Santa?

The most important lesson I learned is that becoming a superhero is all about the sidekick. If you choose the right sidekick, you can just sit back and make the sidekick do all the work.

Sooooo…who wants to be my sidekick?

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