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Hearing Loss And Teens

Remember when you were a teenager and your parents would call you? You didn’t answer and when confronted you lied and said that you didn’t hear them calling? You know you did…

These days doctors are saying that teens really might not be hearing as well as they could and the culprit; ear buds and iPods. There is no conclusive evidence that the ear buds alone are the exact reason but they hypothesize it could be.

Teen hearing loss was studied by Dr. Josef Shargorodsky of Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Most of the hearing loss that was detected was slight however, the longer they are exposed to the possible causes the worse it can become. There are headsets that come with preset volumes. If you can hear what the person is listening to then it is too loud. Parents you are allowed to dictate what you kids listen to and how loud it is. If they don’t like the rules, take the device.


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