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Kissing Is Better Than Sex

Whao! Before you hunt me down and correct me, this is just my opinion. You are entitled to yours and you may or kissingmay not agree with me. If chocolate can be better than sex for some women, why can’t kissing be better than sex for me? I am not a virgin. I enjoy(ed) sex very much. This is just how I feel.

Most everything in life can be a matter of personal preference and I have enjoyed sexual activity very much. (when I was sexually active). I enjoyed the intimacy but I feel more connected to a person when kissing them. I feel as though our minds are touching as our tongues dance and caress one another. Much like bodies during intercourse make others feel intimate.

If you are with someone who is a great kisser it does make the experience even more of a turn on, but for me, a bad french kiss is better than bad intercourse. And as a man wanting to please my girl, I always feel a twinge of pressure to perform. I feel sometimes like it’s work. I’m working at making sure I please her. I don’t feel that way with kissing. The pressure is not there. Of course your perspective might be that of a woman and her man so you might not see it how I do.

Thankfully I have a woman who loves to kiss as much if not more than I. She lights candles, we give each other massages and spend hours kissing. Sometime we kiss each other head to toe without any inclination toward sexual activity. If our relationship doesn’t work out, I don’t think I could find someone who loves to kiss as much as she does.

Kissing is also great because should you desire it can lead into sex. Kissing sets the mood. Kissing by itself can be all the foreplay you need. Sex does not set the mood for kissing though. Kissing can be a little naughty as well and make you both feel like you are teenagers again and getting away with something your parents know nothing about.

FrenchKissingKissing takes things to “a whole nother lebel”, so to speak. Imagine if you will, your breath on her cheek and hers on yours. Lips, tongues, noses, hands exploring… The closer the two of you get the more in tune you are. My mind is always on April when we are kissing. When she is this close to me I can almost taste her thoughts as we explore each others mouths.

Kissing sessions give us a soul connection that sex doesn’t for me. She always says she feels so connected and as one during love making, but what she feels so intensely making love, I feel the same while kissing. Have you seen Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? If not, she plays a prostitute. Some of the prostitutes were talking and the jist of the conversation was that even with all the different things a prostitute has to do, they never kiss a john on the mouth. “It’s too personal”, one of them said.

Kissing is definitely more intimate and personal. Kissing is publicly acceptable therefore when the spirit hit, do the deed. A peck on the cheek, forehead, top of the hand, or lips. It doesn’t matter. Kiss away. Kissing also allows for impulsive and spontaneous behavior. You can kiss in front of your parents, your kids, even your minister should you feel the urge.

Too often couples forget what it was that helped fuel their attraction for one another in the first place and they stop kissing. That’s too bad. I can see forgetting to hold hands, but not kissing could signal, well, the kiss of death for the relationship.

Some time in the near future, take your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife and set aside some you time. It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 101. Set the mood with their favorite music, scented candles, and a glass of wine. Make a conscious decision that there will be no sex. It’s just a make-out session. Lose yourself in your mate, Savor the taste of their mouth, the warmth, the feel of their tongue against yours. From the silky soft bottom to the bumpy taste bud covered surface. Concentrate on them. I guarantee you, you will be able to connect in a way where you think you can read their mind. Remember the cheeks, neck and ears. These are erogenous areas we tend to forget.

Men, for some of you this won’t be possible due to a condition called blue balls. Persevere, and stay tuned for more on kissing tomorrow. (The Tongues That I Have Known And Loved…)

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