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Super Bowl XLIV

Dateline: January 24, 2010, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN.

Heading to Miami, it’s the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl on February 7, 2010. Final score was Colts 30 – Jets 17. The Colts will go up against the Saints but I was hoping for a match up with the Minnesota Vikings. I’m not as confident with the Colts going against the Saints as I was with the Colts and the Jets, but I’m hoping for the best.

After trailing at halftime the Indianapolis Colts came back to beat the New York Jets in the AFC Championship Game. I do think this Super Bowl has the potential at least to be the highest scoring in the history of the Super Bowl. If history serves me correctly or better yet, my memory, the highest scoring Super Bowl was between the 49ers and the Chargers for a total of 75 points. Regardless of the outcome I will be glued to the TV for what promises to be a great game.

At the game were Tony Dungy, Rob Lowe, Eli Manning, Joe Namath, Taylor Lautner and Jordin Sparks sang our national anthem.



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What About Those Indianapolis Colts!!!

INDIANAPOLIS << LUCAS OIL STADIUM >> A new chapter of the Colts-Patriots rivalry was written Sunday night, featuring a crucial fourth-down stop and a second-half comeback for the ages. Sunday night’s showdown – between the NFL’s two winningest teams over the past decade – took its biggest twist with 2:08 left in the fourth quarter.

After trailing by as many as 17 points, 31-14, in the fourth quarter, the Indianapolis Colts finally got their break as the New England Patriots’ lead began to dwindle. Thanks to two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, lasting less than four minutes combined, the Colts had cut the Patriots’ lead to six. New England got the ball back before the two-minute warning, but failed to pick up a first down on their first three plays. Facing 4th-and-2 from their own 28, the Patriots sent out their punting unit.

But the Patriots coaching staff experienced a change of heart and sent their offense back on the field. Rather than punt, they were going to go for it on fourth down and, more importantly, for the win. If the Patriots picked up the first down, the game would be over. If they came up short, the Patriots would be handing incredible field position to the Colts, leaving them within striking distance of the go-ahead score.

No words can adequately state the Indianapolis Colts defeat of the New England Patriots Sunday night. I was at this game. It was my first time seeing either the Colts or the Patriots play. I must say Lucas Stadium is impressive. Indianapolis Colts 35 – New England Patriots 34

So, I’ll do what I’m good at. Here are some 2009/2010 Colts wallpapers. Enjoy my new team!

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2009_wp_clark12801024 2009_wp_freeney12801024 2009_wp_jackson12801024

2009_wp_manning12801024 2009_wp_sanders12801024 2009_wp_saturday12801024

2009_wp_wayne12801024 2009_wp_schedule12801024

For an interesting read on the Colts win, please visit this blog post, Integrity in the New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts.


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