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Interesting And Not So Interesting Facts About Me, Tom Baker

First, here is the ‘Right Off the Top of my Head’ facts and what follows is a survey I filled out years ago. Both are more or less not so interesting.

Didn’t learn to drive until I was 18.
Give to charity but not for medical reasons.
I think women are sexiest with wet hair (right out of a pool).
I’ve never cursed except for repeating in my head what I’ve heard someone else say.
I pick out that extra white piece in the egg white before cooking.
I would like to be a world famous photographer.
When I’m scared (like almost getting hit by a car), I can feel the adrenaline being released in my body.
I decided when I started this blog no photos of me, friends or family. Some of what I write about is very personal.
I’m not homophobic, I just feel homosexuality is wrong.
I think George Lopez has the best late night show. I would like to see Arsenio Hall as a guest.
I’m fascinated by both the micro and macro universes.
I like to read the newspaper.
I am addicted to technology. If I’m not on the computer, I’m on the cellphone or watching TV or a movie, or have my iPod on.
I don’t admit to having a middle name.
I think public hot tubs are full of germs.
I hate reality TV (see an upcoming post)!
I want nothing more than to marry April. <— Put that at the top of the list.
I like walking in the rain naked.
Carrot cake and apple pies are my favorite desserts.
I like the sound of a Spanish guitar but I love the sound a piano makes.
Tickling drives me crazy and I hate it yet I love to tickle others.
I always make housekeeping take away my comforter and get a new clean one when I stay at a hotel.

This is a question and answer, ‘Get To Know Me Survey’ I found and distributed while I was a member of TagWorld. I thought it might be fun to do over again and post it here. If you have any questions after you read it, just ask.

Favorite color

Rap or Country Neither
Being cold or being hot Hot
Ever had to use leaves for toilet paper No
Mike Tyson’s or Michael Jackson’s voice Jackson
Eat sushi Yes
Strangest dream I could fly
Current desktop wallpaper April and I
Bath or shower Shower
Happy and poor or unhappy and rich Happy and poor
Favorite movie The Sound of Music
Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry Edy’s Strawberry
Favorite toy Remote to my flatscreen TV
Do your feet smell bad No
Best personality trait Empathetic
Evolution or Creation On the fence
Know a victim of rape Several
Historic event you’d like to witness Birth of Christ
Perfect pizza Sicilian
Microsoft or Apple Both
Scariest nightmare Drowning
DVD or Blu-Ray Both
Favorite Spanish word Caliente
Current flame April
Italian or Chinese food Italian
Rent or own pornography Rented
Font you use most often Tahoma
Favorite smell Women
Browser of choice Firefox
Blues Clues: Steve or Joe Steve
How many countries visited Six
Like to have lunch with President Obama
Athlete’s endorsement check you’d like Peyton Manning’s
Hobby Travel
Fireman or Policeman Neither
Sun or Moon Moon
First thing to pop into your mind – snow shovel
Language you’d like to speak Portuguese
Speed of light Almost 190,000 miles/second
Gold or silver Gold
Write poetry or lyrics I’ve written both
Beach or Mountain For fun beach, photography mountains
Ever been an AOL member Yes
Do you sweat Yes
First president of USA Washington
Pro Iraq War or Anti Iraq War I agree with the reasoning behind it
Hug your pillow at night Used to when I was younger
Amusement park ride Rollercoaster
Person you hugged last April
Stevie Wonder or Steven Tyler Wonder
Favorite body part in the opposite sex Lips
Pick your nose Everybody touches that area
Ever helped a suicidal friend Yes
BET or MTV Neither
Bare, glasses or contacts Bare
Favorite quote Check my quote page
Favorite blog Mine
Last illness Cough
Least favorable personality trait Procrastinate
Most money in the bank at one time 600,000
I can impersonate Mad scientist on Bugs Bunny cartoon
Favorite dance I can’t dance
Have you ever kissed yourself Yes, my biceps
Roman mythology or Greek mythology They’re both stupid
Current movie in DVD player Let The Right One In
Favorite song Pretty Wings, Maxwell
Superhero power you want Invisibility
An award you want to win Nobel Peace Prize
Fondest memory Can’t say…
Pets Fish
Serious or funny I’m seriously funny
Iron Chef or Iron Chef America Iron Chef
French word Soufflé
Dream that always crosses your mind Anything about Leigh
Favorite salad dressing Bleu Cheese
Been on national or local television Yes
Ever shave downstairs Still do
Know a victim of abuse Yes
First thing to pop into your mind – California Here I come.
Favorite actor Mark Harmon
One year ago I Was a year younger
Last website visited Google
Spaghetti or lasagna Lasagna
Do you have or want kids
Would like 3
Black and White or Color Color
Singin’ in The Rain or Sound of Music Sound of Music
In an elevator you think Who is watching me
Song you know all the lyrics to Stranger In Moscow
Time you usually go to bed Midnight
Believe in Angels Yes
Do you trust the government No
Cats or Dogs Fish
Gold teeth Never
Drink of choice Water
Outlook or Outlook Express Thunderbird
A Looney Tune character Bugs Bunny
Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics Winter
Light sleeper or sound sleeper Light
Person you kissed last April
Bite your nails No
Favorite book Thesaurus
SciFi channel or Discovery channel It’s SyFy now
Children or no children No children
Eye color Brown
Clean a fish Yes
Pepsi or Coke Both for different reasons
Eminem song you hate All of them
Perfume or cologne Cologne
First thing to pop into your mind – Sunday Easy like
TinyToons or Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron
Digital or film Both
Sucked your thumb Never
Last time you vomited Two years ago
Know a cancer survivor Yes
Pee while showering Yes
Day in your life you’d repeat A special Valentine’s Day
Circle, square, rectangle or triangle Triangle
Ever tempted to kiss a stranger Yes
How many pillows on your bed 4
Ever pop someone’s zit for them No
Pie or cake Apple pie, carrot cake
Biggest fear Divorce
Believe in interracial love Yes
Cell phone provider Verizon
Favorite seafood Salmon
Go-getter or procrastinator Both
Favorite food Lamburgers
Donated to a charity Yes
Been naked in public/outside Yes
Nickname in elementary school TB
Pro-Abortion or Anti-Abortion Strongly anti
Cried on the first day of school Don’t remember
Falsify a legal document I can’t recall doing that
Favorite card game Strip poker
Read or write Write
Turkey or chicken Chicken
Age you started walking Less than one
Twin, double, queen or king King
Movie most like your life Groundhog Day
Last movie seen in theater This Is It
Favorite TV show 24 and or NCIS
Imaginary friend(s) Never had
Bookmarks you’d be ashamed of
A few
Word you most often misspell Guarantee
Toothpaste you use Colgate
Believe in God, (his name) Yes, I guess, God
First time you lost money – how much 20.00
Coffee or tea Tea
First kiss was with I’ll say Jaclyn
Five years ago I Was 25
Cash or Credit Cash
Pick someone else’s nose Actually yes
Does Paris Hilton get too much press She doesn’t deserve any
Favorite 25 cent word Onomatopoeia
McDonald’s or Burger King McDonald’s fries, BK burger
Time you should go to bed 11:00
Left handed or right handed Ambidextrous
Greatest human landmark Petronas Towers
Lose weight or gain weight Gain
Ever need emergency surgery No
Spin the bottle or 20 questions Truth or Dare
Laughed so hard you peed yourself No
Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy Richard
Should we have found Bin Laden by now Yes
Ever cry all night No
Eat meat Yes
Candles in your bedroom No
X-Files or Supernatural X-Files
To what extent are you prejudice I hate smokers
Be in a movie with Ellen Page, Gabrielle Union
Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner Christmas
Website you visit the most WordPress
Do you trust big business Not anymore
Most money in your pockets at one time 5000.00
Masturbate or abstain Masturbate
Believe in Satan No
Favorite actress Cote de Pablo
First credit card Visa
Soap opera character just like you Don’t watch soaps
Superhero Batman
Oprah or Ellen Oprah
A smurf character Don’t know any
Last time you were in a physical fight Never
Bedroom or kitchen Kitchen
TV Land or Nick At Nite Neither
First thing to pop into your mind – Jessica Simpson
Last carbonated beverage drank Squirt
Ever Googled yourself Yes
Cosmic universe or Microscopic universe Microscopic
Candy bar or gum Gum
Greatest natural wonder Angel Falls
Ever use a racial slur to someone’s face No
Sport you like to play Golf
Favorite flower Orchid
Time spent sitting on the John Until I’m done
Undies or no undies No undies
Originals better than sequels Not often
Artist you like cause your parents liked Prince
Wheel of Fortune of Jeopardy Jeopardy
Month of your birth December
Emeril Lagasse or Bobby Flay Emeril
Your first words Show me the money
Favorite board game Scattergories
How many states been to 16
Munsters or Addams Family Addams
Bad case of giggles or gas Giggles
Would you take a trip to the Moon Yes
Favorite car Mustang
MySpace or TagWorld Facebook
How often you change your sheets Every week
First thing to pop into your mind – Dr. Jay
Ten years ago I Was in college
Boxers, briefs, bikinis or thongs Boxers
Last person you emailed on TagWorld N/A
Best friend’s name April
Who is  your dream date Cote de Pablo
Planet you’d like to visit Mars
Do when you are bored Write poems
What you are wearing right now Sweat socks
Favorite weekend activity Travel and cooking
Employed where Not
Sleep in the nude Since I was 10
Like walking in the rain Yes
Marry for love or money Love
Ever try drugs No
Have a birthmark, where Yes, right palm
Like getting your picture taken No
Believe in extraterrestrial life No
Had premarital sex Yes
Pet’s name Fishy
Favorite Dr. Who incarnation Tom Baker
Make up one law Outlaw abortion
Favorite travel destination The land of sleep
Why don’t you like to read I do
Favorite sports team Colts
Clean or messy room Clean
Birthday month December
Credit card you use most AmEx
Fictional place you’d visit Starfleet Command
Favorite T-shirt slogan Shirt Happens
Die before or after spouse Before
Sexually active or celibate Celibate
Best Janet Jackson song Let’s Wait Awhile
Chocolate or candy Chocolate

I hope you weren’t too bored and perhaps even learned a few things about me…


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