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Thank You Nathan Pralle

It’s Time to say thanks to Nathan for being my third guest blogger. It means a lot to me not to have had to post myself yesterday! Just kidding.

I found your post thought provoking and it made me want to cherish the time April and I have even the more. Leave a comment for Nathan if you have read the post and have not commented.

This blog and I are grateful and privileged to have had you post on this site. I always say this, but I mean it, if you feel the need to express yourself again, September through December are still open.

Guest blogging on April 3, 2010 will be John Ryan Recabar from Going Against The Current. If you have never visited his site or read any of his posts, head on over for a visit and get a taste of what you will get here in April. If you missed his post yesterday, Go read it! Thanks again.

If you have a moment I would like you to also check out a post on Racism and Prejudice. Not many people read that post of mine and it is important to me that everyone check it out and leave a comment.


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