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20 Landscape Images I Found From Friends On The Now Defunct TagWorld

I used to have an account on a social site called TagWorld. I also had a MySpace account and I found TagWorld much more user and family friendly than MySpace. I put a lot of effort into my TagWorld account and made lots of friends. I let my MySpace account go the way of the dinosaurs and then the bottom dropped.

TagWorld was not nearly as popular as MySpace and the other social networking sites like Facebook, so they closed up shop. I lost both my TagWorld account and no longer cared about my MySpace one. Before they ended their service I managed to save some images that my friends and I had collected. I lost all my friend information and all the images that I myself uploaded. I think TagWorld exists under a different name now but all my information is still lost.

These might not be as interesting to you as they are to me, but I’m sharing them once again with the world.

...The Beginning Of Wisdom At James Bond Island

Almost Supersonic Baby

Crumbling History Whiteness

Ice Amoeba Escaping Figures

Havasu Falls Family Ties

Adrenaline Iced Coke

Juvi And Vely Tropical Fruit Kwapple

A Fathers Love Autumn

Big Rocks Lifelong Committment

Can't Touch This Stacking Up

I apologize for not knowing the names of the photographers and I apologize for posting without giving credit where credit is due. If you have information that can assist me with getting credit to these images, please do so. Thanks.


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