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Comment Love: With Great Blogs Comes Great Responsibility…

With a great blog comes great responsibility… Whether you are graced with many visitors to your site or just a few per week, common sense dictates that you want those visitors to then comment on what you wrote (what they read). Honestly when I see that I have had 100 visitors a lot of whom have sites that I left comments on, and I get no comments myself, I have to wonder.

Why didn’t they return the luv? Does today’s post suck so much that not one out of 100 people in a 24 hour period could leave a comment? In addition, I have the unique problem of the name I gave my blog. Maybe people don’t want to associate their name or their blog with a morning erection. That could be true yet they don’t delete my comment that I left on their site.

On the other hand what if I did manage to get every visitor that came to my site to leave a comment. Do I have the time to respond to each and every person? Assuming that the comment was meaningful and not just ‘great post’, as the owner of the blog I am obligated to not be rude, and either reply to their comment or visit their site and leave a comment on one of their posts.

Not every person who leaves a comment on your site will have a post that you want to comment on. And then there are people like me who visit at least ten blogs a day just to leave comments so I can increase my page rank on Google. Even so, returning the gesture and commenting or replying to the comments you get is a necessity. You are building a network of links and a network of fellow bloggers that come to know your name, your blog’s name and whatever your site stands for.

People who see your comments on other blogs will visit your site. I get at least 10-15 visits from visitors to sites that I have visited. I don’t know how often you visit your dashboard or blog stats, but they have been very helpful to me.

I write all of this to say, I appreciate all that visit and leave comments. I appreciate all the visitors I get who don’t leave comments, however, I would appreciate you even more if you did comment.  On the other hand not everybody who leaves a comment expects to get a reply or response. Regardless of how you handle the problem, if someone is nice enough to take the time to visit your site AND leave a well thought out and meaningful comment, show the luv back. You will be surprised how traffic to your site will increase. Mine has.

I feel appreciated and a sense of accomplishment when someone else acknowledges what I chose to share. I have received 165 comments not including the 6 spam automatically killed by WordPress. As I’m writing this I just went to check the number of comments I’ve received since September 28th, and noticed I have another one from Tasha on my About Morning Erection page. Here is what she wrote.

first off, thanks for stopping by my blog and for posting a comment…I appreciate it :) secondly, I like the way you have worded this page…very well done. the title is unique and I have to say interesting. it sort of makes you stop for a moment, reread the title and then laugh to yourself. keeping in mind those less offended. afterall, a little sexual humor never hurt anyone, right?

keep it up and I will be following this interesting blog :)

What a timely comment. Yes, I did thank her for the comment and let her know she will be featured on this blog sometime in December when I schedule this post. Another way to generate more links to your site is to comment on blogs that use a feature called CommentLuv. This service leaves a link to your latest post in addition to the URL to your blog when you leave the comment. Visit here for an example and thanks for reading.

Let me just say that the example blog that I left a comment on (to the right), I don’t expect to be there if and when you visit her site. My blog’s name and my email address tend to make people delete my comments no matter how genuine the comment is.

I did receive a letter of thanks for a comment I posted on PhilosYphia. I don’t expect emails after I comment, but I did appreciate the courtesy:

This is just a small note from me to let you know how much I appreciate you leaving your first comment on my blog, PhilosYphia.   There is a billion different blogs out there and most are read without any commentary (if they are read at all), so I really appreciate it when someone bothers to come by, read an article, and leave a note.  It is great feedback and I really appreciate it.

Because I dislike spam, this is the last email you will get from me or my blog
(unless you subscribe to emailed updates, of course) — I just wanted to let you
know how much I appreciate you taking the time.


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