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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. Strange title for a Valentine’s Day post, isn’t it? Well I’ve had a problem with Tina Turner’s song I think ever since I heard it. I don’t like it and don’t suppose I ever will.

I could pick the song apart line by line but I think instead, I’ll just say in this world we live in, love has everything to do with it! What’s Love Got To Do With It? Absolutely everything!

Love is not a second hand emotion. Love is first and foremost, more an action word that persuades people to do things, than it is just an emotion. Love is not a gooey emotion that causes butterflies in the stomach. It is a motivator. It causes people to spend all day cooking dinner for the person they love. It causes parents to take on one or more part time jobs to pay for college their kids might decide not to go to.

Love brings people on the verge of foreclosure to send ten dollars to Haiti despite their own suffering. Love gives kidneys to strangers. Love brings out the best in people. Love keeps an American father sane living five years without his son, while he’s in Brazil with his stepfather, knowing the law is on his side. Love brings people together in hospitals, nursing homes, soup kitchens, and adoption agencies. We would do far better as a race of humans if we allowed love into more places in our lives.

Love is often confused with a plethora of other emotions that disguise themselves as love (in the human psyche), but true love is not what most people think it is. Love is not, sex. Love is not jealousy. Love is not infatuation, lust, attractiveness, competition. Love is not so many things. Love is love.

And I am constrained to believe love caused me to write this post. Happy Valentine’s Day friends and strangers alike.

I know you didn’t write the song and if you didn’t sing it some other 80’s pop star would have; but Tina I want you to know love is an all consuming emotion that has EVERYTHING to do with everything.


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