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How I Grew My WordPress Blog, Part I

People are always saying that they wish they had as many visitors as I get. To be completely honest, I am in no way satisfied with the numbers I get. Now, I’m averaging about 350 page views per day but I don’t know how many unique visitors that is. I would really be happy with about 2000 per day. People are never satisfied, so if I got the 2000 visitors I want, I’m sure then I would want 10,000 per day. I can dream can’t I?

I guess to someone who is only getting 10, 50 or 100 page views, the amount I get is a lot. Even though my numbers aren’t where I want them to be, the only reason they are where they are is because I do some work almost everyday. I’m confident that if you follow the same steps I do/did, you can grow your site as well. Below you will find some of the things I have done and most you can implement as soon as you are finished reading this post and leave a comment (smile). If you simply keep a blog and enjoy any visitors you get, this post is not meant for you. You are already satisfied. This post is for bloggers not happy with the status quo and want to attract more readers to their blogs. Many of these tips can be used for any blog, not just a WordPress blog.

G R O W   Y O U R   W O R D P R E S S   B L O G


1. Sometimes the things that interest you personally might not interest your readers. If you are stuck on what to write about that might attract new visitors, read this post on curing writer’s block. I wrote it last November and sometimes refer to it when I get stuck. Maybe you will think of something in your blog’s genre that you never thought to write about before.

An example: I named this blog Morning Erection but it took until only a month ago before I made a post about erectile dysfunction specifically for the people who Google was sending here on a daily basis. The problem was, my site had no information on that topic. Lately my top post has been for erectile dysfunction. I’ve been able to grow my readership without alienating my regular visitors.

Live Blogging

2. Blog about an event you are attending that might be difficult for others to attend. Be an on the spot reporter and give an hour by hour account of what is going on at the event.

An example: Several weeks ago, I visited a site and the blog owner attended the Brooklyn celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday. She covered the event on her blog and she had the best photos of any site I visited that day. I asked and she allowed me to use one of her photos in my post about it, as long as I linked back to her site.

WordPress Site Statistics

3. Check your site’s stats often – especially the search engine terms. These are the words and phrases that are bringing people to your site. If you find a certain word or phrase is bringing search engine traffic to your post you can capitalize on that and tweak your posts to include those words more often. Suppose you write a post about your favorite TV show, Sesame Street. Google is sending people to your post who searched for Elmo. You get three or four hits on your site just from Elmo but in your post, you never mentioned Elmo by name. Go back to your post and find a way to add Elmo into your post in a few of your sentences. The number of people who reach your post should increase rapidly by now having added Elmo to your post. If a search engine is sending traffic your way with any other Sesame Street characters, incorporate them too.

An example: I searched for my site Morning Erection on Google in late July and I found my site in the middle of page 3. Weeks later I wrote a post about morning erections because Google was sending a lot of traffic my way from people looking for medical information on losing their morning erection and erectile dysfunction. This might surprise you but when I did a search last week on Google I had moved from page 3 to page 1. Not only am I on page 1, I am the second site listed. Adding one post, not even trying to increase readership has brought in an extra 100-200 visitors a day. (See image above).

Possibly Related Posts

4. When you publish a post, WordPress searches other blogger’s posts and adds a possibly related posts: (automatically generated) section below your post. Be sure to visit those links and leave comments on those posts.

Preview & Vote

5. Before publishing your post, preview the post. Make sure everything looks the way you want it to, everything is spelled correctly and the images are placed where you want them. Try to create your posts a day or days in advance so you can tweak it and make sure it is exactly the way you want it to appear. If you are happy with everything about your post, schedule the post and in preview view, vote for your own post. Click on the 5th star for the highest rating.

It’s your post and if you aren’t happy with it, you can’t expect that anyone else will be either. If a visitor to your post sees someone else has voted for your post, they might also. If you feel this is wrong, don’t do it. Just know that I do and it works.

This is the rating of my highest rated post.

Your Comments

6. Use Backtype to check older comments that Google and WordPress might not access or archive. To check your site’s information add your url to the end of  this

Try this example and see all the comments I have left on other blogs:


7. Create a gimmick that will entice visitors to interact with you and your site. Find something quirky and unusual to do or ask your visitors to participate in. You could start a story with just a paragraph and ask your loyal visitors or commentors to help create the story by contributing a paragraph each. Find out who is willing to participate, assign a day and paragraph number. Ask them to email their paragraphs to you and each day you post a new paragraph to the story. See where the story leads. It might work better if you create an new page and not a post for this gimmick. Stay tuned for the gimmick I have planned!

SEOLogic and Yahoo! Site Explorer

8. Try using SEOLogic to check the popularity of your site. Use SEOLogic in conjunction with Backtype. Check for backlinks and see where you have commented before and go comment again. It is very important to have sites linking to your site. Google thinks highly of that. Another great tool is Yahoo! Site Explorer. Site Explorer lets you view the most popular pages from your site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to any page on your site.

I used Site Explorer just a few minutes ago. I like the ease of use and the information it supplied. Site Explorer shows that I have 161 posts (not including pages) and I have almost 4300 links pointing to my site.

I have a few more ideas to help you grow your blogs. Come back for part two after you read our Guest Blogger, Blaga Todorova’s post on October 2nd. Blaga is a poet and has an awe inspiring poem and more to share with you.

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Blogiversary: It’s Been One Year!

And they all said I couldn’t do it!

I proved April and my friends wrong. I made it 365 days! Although there were a few weeks with no posts at all and I completely lost track of the movies I watch, I made it. April was sick at the time and movies weren’t on my mind then, but I have no excuse for not getting back on track. We are watching lots of DVDs. I’m hoping as I update and continue posting that you will continue coming back. I really enjoy your feedback and visiting your blogs as well. If ever you stop enjoying Morning Erection, let me know what I can do to keep you coming back (without forgetting my principles, of course)!

It’s time to thank everyone who continues to visit Morning Erection, especially since I’m not much of a writer. I’ve enjoyed this first year and the many friends I have made. There are many people that check out this blog everyday and many more that check in once on a while. There are those who used to stop by regularly and now their blog sits unattended and no means of contacting those people. In the blogging realm, sometimes that is how things go. I miss them but I enjoy making new friends as well. If for some reason I stop blogging you can always keep in contact with me by email.

Your time is precious and even if you just take two or three minutes out of your day to spend here, it is appreciated. Here are a few facts about Morning Erection. Thanks again.

The Post I Wish Got More Attention, Exposure & Comments:
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

My Favorite Post:
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Visitors Per Diem

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Top Search Terms:
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My one thousandth comment happened on September 20, 2010 by:

Busiest Day:
679 page views on Monday, September 27, 2010

Total Page Views:
62,604 total page views

Google Results:
Morning Erection

Stay tuned for more in the upcoming year. Happy Anniversary to me (and by me, I mean, Morning Erection). I hope y’all like the new theme.

Blaga Todorova from Scent Of My Heart will be guest blogging on October 2, 2010. Be sure to come back and read what she has written. Blaga is the first person to volunteer to guest post for me, which means I didn’t have to beg her! She is a wonderful poet and I hope you come back Saturday for good reading. Blaga will let you in on a glimpse of herself and her poetry.

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Upcoming One Year Blog Anniversary: Making A Better Morning Erection

One Year Blog Anniversary: Making A Better Morning Erection

Of course I mean making a better morning erection blog. I started Morning Erection on September 28th, 2009 just to see if I could blog for a full year. Although I didn’t blog consistently for a few months because April was sick, I still made it a full year without calling it quits. I still have a six weeks but I want to pat myself on the back now.

I’m not much for writing and I find it hard to believe how many friends I’ve made and how many people stop by daily and leave comments. Thank you. I need to thank April for ‘knowing’ that I could accomplish this goal. I am very happy with the posts, the visitors, and the comments, however I am always wanting to make things better.

In the past I have tried to make my blog as interactive as I could. I asked questions, composed polls, and invited guest bloggers. If you would indulge me once more; I want to know what you think I could do to make Morning Erection a better blog (no, I’m not changing the name). I’ve already been asked to bring back guest blogging. I would love to, but I need people willing to blog.

I have stayed away from most controversial subjects like politics, religion, homosexuality, and abortion but do you really want to know what I think about social issues? I am very opinionated but I don’t like to offend. I am querying you, the visitors. Whether you visit frequently or if this is your first trip here; what do you like or dislike about Morning Erection?

One of my friends told me if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but she’s a ‘glass half empty’ type of person. I’m for improving where and when I can. Help me build a better blog so I can feel good about going into a second year. Thanks for all your support and help this past year.

I found a blogger who is kind enough to guest blog for the month of September. I was attracted to her site because of the poetry, but I cannot promise poetry will be a part of her post here. Her name is Cherlyn Cochrane and her site, Over A Cup Of Coffee. This is my first guest blogger since Kari Cheng in June. Please mark your calendar, September 4, 2010 and stop back to read her post. Also visit her site before her post. I like it a lot and so might you.


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