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Open Letter: Dear Mom and Dad

Have you ever want to tell someone something yet you just couldn’t bring yourself to say it to their face? Well this is my place to do just that. Perhaps its too late and they happen to be deceased already. Maybe because the odds of me meeting a celebrity are few and far between or maybe the people I’d like to communicate with are out of reach for whatever reason. There are many reasons for starting this series and as it evolves maybe I’ll figure it out and you can help.

For me, I guess right now its a little bit of fun and a little folly. My Open Letter Series of  will begin with my mother and father because this week I babysat three little girls and one baby boy and I need to express myself.


Dear Mom and Dad,

This letter has been a long time coming. First off, I want to let you know again that I love you both very much. You know that because I tell you often. Secondly, I want to apologize for being a typical son.

I remember coming home some days and the trash that I was supposed to take out was empty only because you did it. I can recall the look on your faces when there was no ice in the freezer; only empty ice trays. I can recall the many times you guys would take us here and there and everywhere we needed to go. We packed the car with all of our friends and soccer, movies, library, or where ever, you took us. Our hands jerked forward and yours too. To the wallet or the purse you responded.

This week I watched John and Amy’s kids while they deal with the death in their family. I changed diapers, cooked different dishes for the same meal because of allergies and fussiness. I told bed time stories, and washed mounds of clothes. Off to the park or the playground we went. I did more shopping this week than I have all of last month.

I say all of this because I am dog tired and yet it was a wonderful experience. I now can understand a little bit more why you are the way you are and how you did and still do the things you do. Thanks for the love and thanks for being parents anyone would love to have.



There is no more important job on this planet than being a parent. Being a good parent. It is a job never to be taken lightly and parents. I should stop now before I hurt some parent’s feelings. Child protection services might just be the second most important job there is. That’s all I’m saying.


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