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For Whitney; The Voice

My wife is a huge fan of Whitney Houston and her death hit her hard. I am creating this post for her so don’t think I am back to posting regularly, because I am not. I saw this tribute for Whitney from The Dubai Foundation and thought this might be a good way to honor someone who gave happiness to billions yet was so very unhappy herself (my opinion). If you like beautiful things such as water fountains and you are not sick and tired of hearing I Will Always Love You; I think you might enjoy this.
I know April will.

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Little Drummer Boy

Self taught 2 year old Christian (now 4 years old) playing drums after he learned by watching other drummers on YouTube.
I thought it was appropriate to post this on Christmas Eve. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


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Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?

Rarely has music moved me to tears. Only one time in fact and when I heard this young lady I didn’t cry either. That is because I held back the tears. Yesterday morning I heard Jackie Evancho sing a duet with Barbra Streisand. Who is Jackie Evancho? That’s what I said until I heard the angels in heaven singing through her.

What I heard was an angel. What I saw was a ten year old girl who came in second place in last season’s America’s Got Talent. It’s not a show I make a point to see so I missed Jackie and everyone else as well. I did see it last week, earlier this week, I don’t know but there was a six, seven and eight year old rappers on. They were so confident and cute… I digress.

I think I will alter my answer to one of the 31 Days of Blogging Honesty. I will remove Judas Priest from the list of songs for the deaf and instead add Miss Evancho. If you have never heard Jackie sing, I beg of you. I’m pleading, even as you read this. Take a few minutes and listen. Even if you open up a new window and go to a different blog, keep this window open and listen to the voice of an angel.

After hearing Jackie you might be interested in getting her soon to be released album, Dream With Me.

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