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Ask Me Anything

Recently one of my blogger friends published a post entitled Hot Seat. In this post IrishPrecious opened herself up by allowing her visitors to pose any question to her (no matter what), and she would answer it. Provided it was “still within the realms of decency.” Thus, the idea for this post.

Since I agreed to April’s request before starting this blog never to show photos of us and since I really don’t know anybody in Indianapolis and the folks back in Vancouver who know I blog are my best friends and already know all my secrets; I can honestly say, “Ask me anything you want and I will answer.” Depending on the questions, it may be a reluctant answer but I will answer. Thank God for the anonymity of the Internet! All I ask is be nice!!!

My Life As An Open Book“Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no fibs.”
Oliver Goldsmith


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