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Near Earth Asteroid Passing Between Moon And Earth: Tuesday November 7th, 2011

It might be a long shot but if anyone knows how to get in touch with Bruce Willis or Billy Bob Thornton; call them now! The world needs them.

Actually we are in no real danger. The asteroid scheduled to pass between the Earth and the Moon’s orbits on Tuesday is larger in size than an aircraft carrier (roughly 1,100 feet long).

This particular space rock is coming closer to Earth than any other in almost 35 years. NASA’s Near Earth Object Program manager, Don Yeomans says that they (NASA) is 100 percent sure the colossal rock poses no threat to Earth and will definitely not hit us.

The asteroid was found in 2005 and consequently is called 2005 YU55 will be approaching Earth from the direction of the Sun.

“The best time to observe it would be in the early evening on November 8 from the East Coast of the United States,” Yeomans said. “It is going to be very faint, even at its closest approach. You will need a decent-sized telescope to be able to actually see the object as it flies by.”

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