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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies; Your Advice & Opinions Are Requested

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I had a very disturbing conversation with a blogging friend. First, let me say that I am honored that people feel as though they can contact me and share intimate details of their lives and second, it can be a bit daunting! Indeed, it is daunting and a huge responsibility, and that is why I am enlisting the aid of the wonderful female type persons that read this blog.

Help me please. As I stated, a blogger shared with me that he has friend (a woman), who is married. She is married to a man who is well liked, even loved throughout the neighborhood and he has a position of authority in their community. They have been married for more than twenty years. They have four children, all teenagers. One day while she was disciplining one of the children he just came out of the blue, grabbed her hair and dragged her down the hallway, then picked her up and threw her across the room. As near as we can guess, he did this because she was yelling at their child. More things transpired and she was so fearful that she asked for him to kill her.

Ladies, now it is your turn. You don’t know the full story and neither do I. Also I did not get permission before I posted this so please be tactful if you respond. My friend has already given his words of comfort to her but I would like to see what you’d say.

I am not seeking direct advice for her and I’m not trying to advocate divorce. I simply would like you to place yourself in her position and clearly and without any threats of murder, describe what you would do/would have done. Stay, leave, forgive and forget, call the police, grin and bear it… While this is directed for feminine expression, men you can respond too and say what you would do also in her situation. I won’t be replying to your comments because this is not about me, however I do thank you for your comments..

Saturday will be the first guest post of the new year by a nervous Te’Kia Miller. She is a wonderful poet and her works can be found on her blog, Tekia’s Blog. She is in the process of writing a short story. Short stories are in fact, her first love and Te’Kia’s favorite genre is science fiction. Her latest, The Fall of Gild City was originally scheduled for December 29th but was posted on January 1st. I was hooked and I’m not much of a reader (I’d rather watch the movie}, but this story is great so far.

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The Naked Man


“I love the male body. It’s better designed than the male mind.”
~ Andrea Newman

I’m a man. I am a man who loves the female body. I really love the female body, however, most women I’ve spoken with do not find the male body attractive at all and speak even less fondly of our genitalia.

On the reverse side, I read through an article in an United Kingdom online newspaper, GuardianFilament, a magazine for women wanted to feature full frontal nudity from their male models. The companies they use to print the magazine refused to print for fear of backlash from woman and religious groups.

Regardless of what is going on in the publishing community, if you are a female please weigh in on the subject and leave a comment on how you feel (without being too graphic). Men with an opinion are free to comment too, but I’m really interested in how a woman feels about the nude male body. Exquisite or ugly? Graceful or freaky?

Personally I like my own body. I don’t obsess over it, but I am satisfied with my physique. By the way, that’s not a photo of me. According to the wording in my contract with WordPress; I’m too sexy for my blog!

So ladies, tell us men what you think…



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