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Apologies Are In Order

What’s Is Tom Doing?

Friends, family, countrymen and women, world bloggers and visitors and even to those who only come by to see if there are any photos of morning erections… I’ve been going through a rough time of late and it has affected my blog.

This month’s interview is late. My guest blog was never posted and I have been slow to respond to comments. I have also ignored my First Class Blogger Award for almost four weeks now. For that and more I wanted to apologize. I’m sure most of you understand that sometimes people get into a funk and some things don’t get the attention they used to.

Up In The Air

I’m not sure which direction I’m headed but I am taking an extended hiatus from Morning Erection. Additionally, April is considering a job offer. She was approached by a company that wants to have her head up a division as they expand. The company’s social media policy is more strict than that of the job she has now. For that reason, it might be difficult to continue with this blog since my connection albeit slight, is already out here on the ‘net.

We have to read more into their policy should she decide to take the job to see if I need to close Morning Erection and start another blog anonymously. Who knows? Only time will tell. She might not want the other job as it would require us to move from Indiana to another state. I don’t think I will delete Morning Erection. I just might stop creating new posts. The posts I already have scheduled (31 Days of Blogging Honesty, Poetic License) and more will continue but I will not add new posts if we should decide to take the job and move.

I will keep you all abreast and during my hiatus I will try to respond to any comments I might get. Keep the April poems coming in, I still want my guest bloggers to post and of course Poetic License will continue until at least December! And yes, Poala the post with the nude men will still publish in April like I promised you.