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Photographic Excellence

Photographic Excellence will be posted regularly on the third Friday of every month. Featured in this series will be awesome works by great photographers, but unlike Poetic License which only features poets who have blogs, Photographic Excellence will showcase any photo found anywhere on the Internet. I will do my utmost to only showcase the best of the best. Credit will be given to the photographer, the page and site the work came from as well as any other relevant information about the photo.

Still it is my desire to get their permission so that I can ask the photographer some questions. Poetic License only has a theme once a year. Photographic Excellence will have a theme or category and only one photograph from one photographer will be featured. This month the theme is Blue.

For me to say it was difficult to choose a theme once I saw all the amazing images Florent has captured through his lens would be an understatement. You will see for yourself when you visit his website how hard it was to pick just one photograph but to go with the Blue Theme, you will agree I made the correct choice. Enjoy his Creeping Mist.

Creeping Mist
Photo Category: Landscape
© Florent Courty aka Lavaspawn

At the end of a rainy day, the sky finally clears and mist appears in the valleys and woods at dusk,
immersing the land into a dark eerie atmosphere in Puy de Dôme, France.

Florent is a self taught, 19 year old French photographer. Mr. Courty can be found on both WildScapes and DeviantArt. Go see for yourself why it was so difficult to feature just one image. The equipment he uses is the Canon EOS 7D, the Canon 17-40 L and a Sigma 70-300mm lens. If interested, most of the images on either site are available for purchase.

All rights reserved by Florent Courty. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any photographic images in this series.

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Photographers Show Off Your Images With Flair

Scheduled on December 19, 2011

Good photos become great photographs when transferred from your camera to an image that the masses can appreciate. Whether you upload high quality images to your blog or you print them and hang them on your walls. I recently found a product that I think all photographers, amateur and professional will appreciate. It is called Fotoflot. Fotoflot allows you to showcase your images without hiding them behind a sheet of glass like most framing does.

I myself have not used the product so I cannot speak to how well it works. I simply visited their site and was impressed with the way it looked. Also, my photography is less than substandard! I think you will find it interesting nonetheless.

I have seen far too many beautiful visual expressions on WordPress and other sites not to make mention of a product that I think most photographers would greatly benefit from. I hope you agree and let it be known that I am not getting any type of financial gain from making this post. If the makers of Fotoflot get a lot of business from this post and they want to help a brother out; I know a wonderful girl in the Philippians who would love some reading material!

Some time in the near future I would like to begin another series on Morning Erection that will feature photographs that I think are exceptional. I would like to get a little background information on the photographer and share that information with you guys. If you enjoy Poetic License I’m hoping too that you will find this series as interesting. Now, I just need a good name for it…

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