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Poetic License – May 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. From now on Morning Erection will focus on one poet and four of their new poems. The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere.

Safaa is only 18 years old but puts words together like a seasoned lyricist. She is from East India and loves art, music, and as you will read in a moment, she is fluent in poetic verse. I have fallen in love with her poetry and I know you will as well. You can find more of Safaa at her blog, the Dainty Damsel.

My Prince Charming

Anxiously waiting for thee I am for so long,
My eyes are looking for thee in this lost throng.
When wilt thou ever come in my life’s road,
Any sign of coming till now thou haven’t showed.

My bosom’s desire is secretly fading away,
Just to be with you forever in my life’s way.
Thinking now I am that me a girl so hapless,
Not even a glimpse I have seen of thy face.

I am in love with thee but I don’t know who thou art,
Thou remain like waves of bliss in the depths of my heart.
Who in my worriment to me thou so lovingly caress,
And snatch me from the clutches of pain who harass.

When I am all alone in this difficult path,
I feel thy presence forever in this cruel earth.
Thou hold my hand and along with me ahead go,
And lead me to the doors of happiness where ecstasy thou show.

Only god knows when in reality thou wilt ever come,
To sow the seeds of excitement in my life so humdrum.
My heart and mind so small but my hopes are so many,
To see thou opening my world of love and bliss, oh honey!

Never Want To Say Goodbye

Blankly staring at the roving sky,
I know not where to go and die.
Feeling helpless and so morose,
Faded and lost like a dead dried rose.
Still I search for those warm sun rays,
And the revealing of various ways.
To get back to my simple normal life,
Away from all the dumb worldly strife.

‘Cause I don’t want to lose you if this way I die,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

Those moments we shared through eyes,
Are now flashback of pain in its highs.
Falling into the deep groove to end,
Now have no reason to get mend.
Still I patiently wait for my silver lining,
Above in the dark clouds so shining.
To stitch those light rainbow days,
So that life for a moment halts and stays.

‘Cause I don’ want to forget those memoirs gone by,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

With love in my heart I asked for you,
For a life-long beautiful blossoming yew.
But I got a response that tore my heart,
My course ended before its start.
Still I feel you’ll come to me one day,
‘Cause my love is not less than the powers of a fay.
I knew it was you ever since you touched my core,
Your feelings with me I have in store.

‘Cause I know that day isn’t far when with me you’ll lie,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

A life-long patience got so brutally killed,
In the painful poundings of my heart’s mill.
I have lost hope and faith in love,
As there’s no more a boat to rove.
Still I think I gotta give my best trial,
Who knows my life may get tuned with a clock dial.
So carrying within me that same dead hope,
With all my love and your hate I cope.

And so with my full effort I’ll still so try,
‘Cause I never want to say you goodbye.

A Little Love To Brew

Dancing in the black tempest,
With a wild heart I’ll kiss you.
Soaking every drop of rain,
A strong little love will brew.

With the storm thundering away,
I’ll hold you tightly in my arms.
With the clouds laughing away,
I’ll make your world full of charms.

A striking thunderstorm fierce,
And the wind blowing in its full might.
Will make you feel my love for you,
As I’ll be clutching you so tight.

I’ll hold your hand giving assurance,
Of forever love and togetherness.
You’ll look into my eyes with a hope,
And a life-long faith you’ll get with no stress.

Seeking solace you’ll stay back with me,
You’ll know there’s no world without us.
I’ll give you the world’s best feeling,
With a naughty mess and a little fuss.

A lightning brighter than the sun,
Will strike us down from dust to dust.
Yet our love will remain alive,
In this black tempest, on the earth’s crust.

Neither death nor life can keep us apart,
As our bond is stronger than the strongest power.
Our togetherness will remain alive,
As blessings of Eden on us shower.

I so wish for this day to come,
And all it’ll take to make this true,
Like the music of a guitar strum,
Is a strong “little love to brew”.


Like those loud music beats,

And vacant empty streets,

The course of our lives,

Is full throws of strive.

The fall of a giant,

May not be a matter faint,

But the bruises with blood,

Teach us to survive the flood.

The boat with a narrow hole,

May in its way down-roll,

But it teaches us to fight,

The current waves so might.

The scorching fireball rays,

May block our blind ways,

But they teach us to see,

In dim lights of life with glee.

The strong heavy downpour,

May flood our big ocean floor,

But the drops give us strength,

To live our life a long-length.

The fierce lightning bolts,

The earth crust it moulds,

But the burns teach us to feel,

Those happy moments we steal,

Our successes and failures,

Our desires and stay-lures,

And their crashing ends,

Teach us to all soft pores mend.

The broken heart pains hell,

We scream, groan and yell,

But it makes us realize the truth,

Of a patiently-willed hope fruit.

Huge lessons we learn to survive,

In all odds and evens to strive,

And life has it immense to give us,

So an orchestral symphony it is thus.

All Rights Reserved © by Safaa Tasneem and The Dainty Damsel. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry featured here.

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A Poetic License Exclusive

As many of you know on the first Monday of every month Poetic License features eight poets with one of their poems. The winds of change have swept through Morning Erection. From this month going forward Morning Erection’s Poetic License series will be featuring one singular poet with four of their original poems, published exclusively here. Exclusive is such a relative term though. It will be exclusive in so far as they will be published here first. All poets are free to post any and all of their poetry anywhere else and anytime they want. I hold no rights to their property other than being the privileged one to get to present them to the world first.

The first great poet to be featured is Safaa Tasneem. I hope you come back on May 7th to see her brand new literary creations, exclusive to Morning Erection! This is the format from now on and if you create poetry and would also like to be featured, just let me know. November and December of this year are still open.

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Poetic License April 2012

Poetic License is the part of Morning Erection that allows me to showcase some of the great poets that I find in my travels throughout the Internet. I have found that by posting works by other bloggers often brings more traffic to their site as well as mine and that is a good thing.

Poetic License is scheduled for the first Monday in every month. I ask if you find a poem that touches you in some way either leave a comment for the author or visit their blog and let them know. April marks the first time I have posted a poem of a blogger without a link to his site. I do have permission from Hunter to post his poem but no blog. Additionally I am featuring a poem from a micro-blogger from Tumblr. Thank you for reading.

Beauty Reversed
by TheOthers1

I am a beast, my beauty in reverse

Inside, inside.

I roar because I seethe with pain

From a broken heart in need of love

Looking for my love to see more

See me, see me

A beast caged longing to be free

Unlock the chains that bind my heart

That I may be transformed

My heart newly restored

A beast no longer

Set me free, set me free

The Lunatic
by Rudolph Consuegra

New to this sea, I am now lost.
In this ocean, I disappear,
Only a thrall to lunacy.
On this voyage, I am star-crossed.
My mind’s chaos is what I fear.

My sights cleared, I try to reach the sun.
Yet, it is way far from my hand’s reach.
Lonely at the verdant grounds, I yearn.
Blinded by awe, I seek its breach.
Both towards and away I cannot run.

Halfway there, the radiance takes my sight.
Minor to this light as it always burns.
Its captivating wonder is my envy.
Yet to grasp its glory takes all my might.
This star’s radiance is what my heart yearns.

As I approach the shores of this paradise,
I contemplate on how I sought its glory;
An exodus from darkness- enlightenment.
Enduring the flames, I shall tell this story.
Through these trials, I conquer lunacy’s vice.

Now at one with my subconscious, I will now shine.
I will shed my light on the lost to find their way.
As I become the glory in the black hours,
I will have become much like the sun’s golden ray.
The lunacy in my heart will now intertwine.

While those on the green land will heed my advice,
The laws of the universe I still obey,
I am always inferior to the stars.
The burden of all the stars I cannot weigh.
I can only share a fractions to suffice.

My grandeurs have simply been a flight.
My retreat from my troublesome concerns.
To be one with the stars is heresy:
An eclipse to destroy other’s discerns.
Instead of dreams, I would become a blight.

Fallacies born from what fate have spun.
One day, its glory I shall beseech.
Not now, but when its power is lost.
Only then, shall the wise masters preach:
Shining at night, over which I won.

My passion burns beyond my frost.
I have both lost and won this sphere
Having conquered my lunacy,
Conquering doubts, my mind is clear.
Through the night, my glory is tossed.

by Prysmatique

Sometimes in my gut,
There’s this feeling.
When I know something I want,
Just isn’t going to happen.

It creeps upon me,
At night when I’m sleeping,
And I know that what I expect
And what will occur are different.

It isn’t a good or a bad thing,
Just being wrong and knowing
That what has gotten your hopes up
Is going to make them dash right back down.

Nobody is to blame, nobody is at fault,
My heart’s just quick to attach
To false hopes. Just quick to expect
When there’s just no spark.

No spark. Nobody to blame.
Just empty fireworks on a cold
New Years Eve,
My heart breaking.

by Poetryofamadman


staring at them.

like ghosts

who have forgotten

what it’s like to be human.


we stand,

heads back,

mouths open.


the rain will water us.

like the sedentary vegetation

we have come to be.


we stand,




by the drug ethereal.

that clouds

our cherubic minds.

Lack of Gravity
by Alexandra

A tornado surrounded us

Binding us together,

Then the wind blew you away

In a sudden change of weather.

You caught me when I fell

And dried all of my tears,

With three simple words

You washed away my fears.

You gave me all I needed

A hand, a heart, a friend,

And now I can’t believe

How you brought things to an end.

I suddenly had no cushion

And quickly struck the ground,

The tears ran down my face

For you were not around.

But I’ve worked my way back up

Forgiven, forgotten, and moved on,

Mended my heart back together

And now all thoughts of you are gone.

by Dara Sonjé

Ivy and St. John’s flowers
along the river bank,
next to an elder’s barn.

strewn next to rusty hoes and spades
are lost garden beds of wealth,
and the herbs for renewing.

A sudden spring wells up inside Seed-Sowers.

They remember 1 year’s prior
how all-winter days were painful, birthed from
a binding (early) frost
wiping clean all mercy for abundant harvests…

This new day, a heightened dawn has been unearthed,
stringy moss and catatonic roots
bleed sounds of pleasure.

Magician Growers
walk the rows where alfalfa and melon will soon
be planted/new lives
are welcome now.

Dew is falling into Tending Hands
who brush off strains of water drops gently thawing.
Vines wrapped ’round wooden fences
(the splintered vision contended with  1 year’s prior)…
bloom with sweetened rage,
fruits from its labor
be enjoyed.

This morning is a vessel,
proud with dedication: sparking challenge
against petty lies that nothing grows from destruction.

This morning is a vessel,
engorged with bounty: feeding gratitude and insight.

Momentum under foot, breaking sound currents
dark soil and the rocks.

Struggle is a Gift.
A package delicate to touch and indestructible.
Where shedding skin,  molting deadened habits, are the Striving.

(The Gardener’s Potion)
slowly squeezed from
a formless mist,
steeped in thorned vitality,
from leaves scorched with sanity,
and gravity unbound,
(a lush devotion).

by Samantha

morning love
coiled in each others sleep
you kiss my forehead
i kiss your forehead
your nose
your cheek
it’s dark
the sun creeps in
and we’re wrapped like presents for each other
in each other
arm, arm, leg, leg
tangled like satisfied shoelaces
knots of “i love you”s
in whispers and sighs
groans of delight
nuzzles and cuddles
you are my pleasure plight.

Often (a dedication to Lucy)
by Matthew Hunter

I thought about you
this morning and
A smile formed and my cheeks widened
Neurons fired returning to memory
thoughts of our night before

I thought about you
just last night and
As my head touched down
on my pillow
Images of you penetrate my dreams and the moon rises

I thought about you
yes, just now
What are you doing and have I
today crossed your mind
Aroma of mocha and cream or is it your sweet breath

It matters not because I think of you often

All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

If your poem is/was featured on Poetic License please consider adding the graphic to your site. It definitely is not required but you would make me a happy camper!

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