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First Trimester 2011: Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine

First Trimester 2011: Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine

January, February, March, and April 2011

I want to personally thank each blogger/poet who over the last eight months has allowed me to feature their poetry on my site. So… Dankie, благодаря, Danke, Ευχαριστώ, Mahalo, どうも, 감사합니다, Terima kasih, Gracias, Salamat po, ขอบคุณ, Obrigado, Merci and Thank you.

On Saturday, May 7th I will again have a guest. My guest blogger for May is Rosemary Jean-Louis. Her post combines two things that I like very much – movies and comic book superheroes. I can assure you, you will enjoy reading her post as the summer blockbuster season begins. Her new blog is Digital Media Geek and it will launch on Saturday to correspond with her guest post but she also has another site you can visit now, The Sexy Geek Files.

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The New Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine

There are thirty two poems in the new Tri-Annual Poetic License magazine. The poems inside were featured on Morning Erection during the months of September, October, November and December of 2010. I posted the link on the January Poetic License but there hasn’t been that many clicks on the link. Putting it at the bottom of the post was probably not the best place to put it.

The magazine can be shared, embedded into your Facebook, MySpace, or Okrut account or your self hosted WordPress blog. I’m not interested in getting a lot of comments but I did want to make all the poets who contributed aware their poems were featured again.

In case you are interested in seeing your poem in this format, click the above graphic image. The magazine for January through April of this year will be posted in May. Thank you once again to the blogger/poets who allowed me to use your poems. Additionally, if you have been featured in Poetic License before, you can still be featured again. Just email me with the poem you want showcased and I will add it to the next available month.

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Poetic License – January 2011


Poetic License now has a definite post date. You can expect to see Poetic License posted on the first Monday of every month. As I have done since last September, there are seven poems from mostly WordPress poets below. This month my poem is a collaboration of sorts. It is my tribute to one of my favorite musicians, Prince. Every other line from the poem is a line from one of his songs and the other is an original thought from my head. I wonder if you can figure out the 26 songs I used.

The poem has nothing to do with my relationship with April, just in case the subject matters makes you question. Next month is February, the month of love. The eight featured poems will have love as the common theme. Love that is romantic, sensual and erotic. I would have to say that a few of the poems in February are for the 18 and above crowd only.

January also marks the first time I am combining the previous four months of poetry into one. Make sure to click on the link below to see the Tri-Annual Poetic License Magazine. If you allowed me to showcase your poetry anytime in 2010, you will find it once again in the magazine. I hope you like it.

First Kiss
by Emily T.

Only sounds
Are those
Of  crickets
And rain

Drops slide down
Foggy windows
Leaving long
Clear streaks

My first kiss
Wasn’t meant
To be
Like this

It was meant
To be sweet

Not fast

Entirely wrong.

by Iris Orpi

So you want me to talk to you
about loneliness.
So you want me to tell you
how cold the days are
even at high noon
and how hollow the darkness
of the nights
unable to hide
the glowing green eyes
of brokenness,
how I wake up each morning
in a state of panic
because the world ahead
has no warmth in store for me
and go to sleep each night
with my heart
heavy as lead.
So you want me to tell you
emptiness is a centipede
with a hundred feet
that noiselessly tread
the cracks on the walls
of my soul
that used to be a dam
of abundant emotion
in which I used to dip
my fountain pen for ink.
So you want me to explain
how whispers
bounce off the ear drums
of the deaf.
So you want me to explain
a painting
to the blind.

But I have no reason to,
and there are no words
in any language
or any dictionary translation
of silence
to describe how much I miss you.

From A Daughter To A Mother
by Aiswarya Gopan

You gave birth to me and brought me into this world
You watched over me, fed me, read to me, and sang me lullabies
You taught me how to take my first steps, held my hands through it all
As I learnt how to put one foot in front of the next
Letting go of your grip, when you were sure I wouldn’t fall
You made sacrifices for me, putting my joys before yours
All the time driven by a dream to make my life better than the life you had
Molding me into the person I am today
Infusing life into me with every lesson you taught
You have cried infinite tears of joy, through all phases of my life
No words would be sufficient to thank you for all that you have done for me
Mother, you have been the best teacher I could ever ask for
For you taught me how to live my life, and be proud of who I am today
For that, more than merely bringing me into this world, I will forever be indebted to you
As only a daughter can be towards her mother
I am humbled yet liberated as I confess the love I have for you
For everything you have been to me – my strength, my meaning, my maker, my mother

What A Lie
by Shyaire Ganglani

Look at me. I lied.
Watch me as I fall.
Try to pick me up and realise that I’m broken.
That the pieces fall everywhere.
Mock me as I crawl away.
Taunt me in the corner.
You don’t need stick and stones.
You’ve got words.
The world has words.
Throw them at me piece by piece and watch them cut my soul.
Watch me bleed the liquid hurt.
Watch me as I fall apart.
Piece by piece, word by word,
Look at me;
I’m broken.

Magic In The Backyard
by Kellie Elmore

Soft spoken eyes, infectious laughter,
her spirit so young, a dreamer, a doubter
On the dewy grass beneath the sun,
sun-kissed cheeks, dreams ready to run

Curly blond locks, sweet dimpling smile
A wonderland awaits in the mind of a child
For all that she sees, through innocent heart
A whimsical journey only she can take part

Pinks and purples illuminating her sky,
she looks to the heavens, lays back with a sigh
She takes up her journal and begins to pen
coloring the pages with what she puts in

Capturing the essence of all that she sees
The sweat on her neck now cooled by the breeze
The dew on the grass and sun in the sky
Just she and her pen and swatting at flies

She tells the pages a story that’s  hers
and makes her backyard magic with words
Painting fairies and princes from flowers and trees
Penning perfection with grass-stained knees

The One With The Curls
by Luke Prater

What became of my summertime girls?
On that field grazes a cow
what became of the one with the curls?

This malaise like a flag, it unfurls
on that field lazes a plough
what became of my summertime girls?

Through Winter, desolation uncurls
those people and places are gone, now
what became of the one with the curls?

What became of her sweet smile of pearls?
I need dreams to help me along, now
what became of my summertime girls?

I’m far from these fanciful whirls
the maze up ahead asks me: how?
What became of the one with the curls?

The Ladies have all met their Earls
ach! Wo ist meine Frau?
What became of my summertime girls?
What became of the one with the curls?

Living Upside Down
by Kelly Hay

I’m living upside down
in a right side up world
being tossed and tumbled about,
like in a dryer with no off switch
having been left for far too long
heart battered and bruised, I emerge
soul singed and wrinkled.

And yet still you try to fold me
vainly attempting to smooth life’s creases
with your hand, an exacting science,
precise measurements, a life molded to fit
into a drawer of your own choosing.

Who is this demographic god
and can he be slaughtered?
Maybe I would rather be hung up,
air dried or casually tossed upon the floor
to stretch out.  We should all refuse to be
folded, trimmed, shaped, mended to fit
someone else’s framed box.

Purple Reign
by Tom Baker

Our relationship is flawed; dysfunctional but
I never meant to cause you any sorrow
We are once again two lonely souls adrift in the cosmos
Funny but it seems that u’re alone like me
It’s not written in stone that we must stay that way
So here I sit in my lonely room
Wishing you were here again and all mine

It’s just another manic Monday
Another sad day after a lazy week’s end but
I never meant to cause you any pain
Hate that I’m the reason you cried
For the tears in your eyes if they’re tears of sorrow
Cut me to the core and I don’t want to continue hurting you
Why do we scream at each other

I fantasize about forgiveness when we’ll be one again
We all want the stuff that’s found in our wildest dreams
Remember at the beach caught in the down pour?
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain
We vowed then to stay married forever, no matter what cause
Something ’bout the clouds and you mixed
Now the sun is out but now we are miserable

This condition I got is crucial
We were always meant to be together; wedding rings attest
Everybody always told me good things come 2 those who wait
My prayers were answered in you
I prayed that I could have u all 2 myself
God heard my prayer and sent you to me
All the other kids would love to love you but you’re my little private joy

Opposites attract, they always do my social butterfly
I was the kind of man who’d rather stay at home
Selfishly I didn’t want to share you with the world
Vous etes tres belle
I was blinded by your beauty and so was he
The beautiful ones, they hurt u every time
I forgave you now you forgive yourself and come back

If I could just look u in the eye
And tell you how much I miss you, want you, love you
If I was your one and only friend
Would you forget the past and be my wife again?
I get so discouraged, I never see you anymore
Tears of joy will pour down when once again we embrace then
Let’s kiss with one synonymous notion

A marathon of sad thought traverse my mind
Nothing can stop this lonely rain from falling
Not unless you drop everything and run back to your man
Rain is wet, sugar is sweet
Whenever we make love so are you; my arms miss you so
I’m blinded by the daisies in your yard
Still captivated by the aroma of your nectar

How come you don’t call me anymore
Wait, I see you there coming up the steps, opening the door
The most beautiful girl in the world
Wanting to still and always and forever be mine
I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain
Let’s start anew again forsaking all others because


All Rights Reserved © by their respective authors. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry other than his own.

If your poem is featured on Poetic License please consider adding the graphic to your site. It definitely is not required but you would make me a happy camper!

Poetic License, The Tri-Annual Magazine

Poetic License began in September 2010. I think it has been a great success as a segment on Morning Erection. I have compiled the last four month’s of poetry into one magazine style post. For everyone who contributed a poem, I hope you like the tri-annual magazine and will share the link with readers on your site. Feel free to distribute the magazine and come back in May and September for future editions. Poetic License, The Tri-Annual Magazine.

To still and always and forever be mine

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