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Poetic License – August 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. Morning Erection’s Poetic License now focuses solely on one poet and four of their new poems. The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of  at Blaga’s blog, Broken Sparkles.


It takes so long to sneak in my heart,
what an ecstasy against solitude and sour winds.
The first colors, the melody of flowers,
there isn’t agony in the sway under the rain.

And you and I, dire souls in sunset flames,
between white rock-roses and swan feathers,
we honor the rebirth of our bodies.
Together we morn the death of frost and névé,

to savor the warmth in a bed of coals
and entrust the last rays of candled light
with our desires and the taste of kismet.

And when the rainbows lead us to the garden
of bitter- sweet reminiscence, the innocence
of our fairytale only beautifies Spring and this poem.


I long for your touch, for your golden eyelashes.
Mute and absent, I drink in every glimpse of a flame.
A fantasy with lavender fields doesn’t comfort me,
I desire a reality with lilac fragrance on my lips.

I follow a trace to your heart, a blissful grasp,
to your caress, a sense of wild ocean’s lints.
I seek for the origins of your soul through
the whirling sensation of the satin sands on my skin.

I want to be a part of the sunrise luminosity,
a sparkle in the texture of the sultriness in the air,
I dream to inhale your smile of sapphires,

and I walk without a wince through
the blazing green of the majestic grass,
embracing intensely the kiss of Summer.


Lost in a storm of amber leaves, I waste
the last drop of summer to save a whisper
from the climbing roses you laid out for me,
to hold their ruby glow with the risk to blind me.

No butterflies, no blossoms stay behind to see me cry
together with the inevitable mist of clouds.
Over drowned solstice fires, I harvest the seeds of grief,
your face grows dim, consumed by the revenge of Nature.

I wake up, naked, in a naked forest, hazel shadows
sword your message through the wind. And the skies,
a pallet floating in gruesome hue and saturation,

remind me of roads never traveled,
of lands never swept by innocent laughter,
of broken hearts that declare the debut of Autumn.


Brutal love, lonely promises in frigid, velvet gowns,
the sun has turned back on you, on me, on hope.
We all weep, conquered by sable tears,
by javelins of fables and rue, asking why?

Why did he end the passion, the blush of pretty garlands,
merrily pirouetting over the ivory beauty of snow?
Who let him lash out at the gift of fantasy and flowers?
What soul, what consciousness he shares?

And as the freezing nights separate us with blizzards,
with lifeless words of unwritten ballads, I see
how every dawn is secretly charged with fake summers,

but no answer is granted, only thorns and wounds,
cleaving the last sensation left into ruins, guarding
the silent power and the crystal tiara of lady Winter.

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Poetic License – June 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. From now on Morning Erection’s Poetic License will focus solely on one poet and four of their new poems (three this month). The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere. Enjoy these works of verbal art now and then you can find more of Kymmie at her blog, the KymmieTheWriter.

The Struggles Of A Heartbreaker

I wanted to be your biggest obstacle.
The rain that hits your umbrella,
the sun that shines in your eyes,
the pain that causes your cries,

but in that moment you showed me and told me that your love was like Teflon,
too strong for any hurt I could bring on, so I could go on and fade on..
If only I could capture you. I’d be your slave owner, you’d be my slave.
Causing wet cheeks and make up stains, is what I’d do to ease my pain.

I’d whip your heart and no man above could save you, Cause when in Rome you do as the Romans do.
But before I could be your hearts reaper, you said “no, I am my hearts keeper, made of Teflon.
Protected from any hurt you bring on. So you could walk through those dark shadows alone”
And alone is where my heart will roam.

What Perfection Contains

I am not courageous, nor brave
I am merely a human forced into
the net of natural strength.

I am never perfect, or even close
My flaws carry burdens heavier
then what perfection can contain.

I am not joyful, not even happy
My sorrows can be the ambassador
of the longest frown

I am the owner of the clearest vision
I see hearts when they are not freed
They pump through life colorless, like me

I hear those who remain silent
because I too understand the language
of those whom never heard a love song

Even when I am not understood, nor cherished
I skip through at a pace only realists grace
Proud of my ability to accept inability

-And live life as a human does.


Creating illusions of what the world should contain, dreams have become the driver to my live imagination.
Yearning for the moment when I can close my eyes, I know the sweet escape is beyond me.
I become the driver of an extraordinary vehicle, my mind is like the unexplored universe,
touched only by the hands of dreams, a picture perfect moment repeated behind the lids of my closed eyes.
Let me live in my abstract glory, and awake me only when the dream becomes real,
and I seek to again escape to a place never seen behind the lids of my closed eyes.

All Rights Reserved © by Kymmie and KymmiTheWriter. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry featured here.

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Poetic License – May 2012

Welcome to the new Poetic License. From now on Morning Erection will focus on one poet and four of their new poems. The poems you read today are being featured here and are presented to the world for the first time anywhere.

Safaa is only 18 years old but puts words together like a seasoned lyricist. She is from East India and loves art, music, and as you will read in a moment, she is fluent in poetic verse. I have fallen in love with her poetry and I know you will as well. You can find more of Safaa at her blog, the Dainty Damsel.

My Prince Charming

Anxiously waiting for thee I am for so long,
My eyes are looking for thee in this lost throng.
When wilt thou ever come in my life’s road,
Any sign of coming till now thou haven’t showed.

My bosom’s desire is secretly fading away,
Just to be with you forever in my life’s way.
Thinking now I am that me a girl so hapless,
Not even a glimpse I have seen of thy face.

I am in love with thee but I don’t know who thou art,
Thou remain like waves of bliss in the depths of my heart.
Who in my worriment to me thou so lovingly caress,
And snatch me from the clutches of pain who harass.

When I am all alone in this difficult path,
I feel thy presence forever in this cruel earth.
Thou hold my hand and along with me ahead go,
And lead me to the doors of happiness where ecstasy thou show.

Only god knows when in reality thou wilt ever come,
To sow the seeds of excitement in my life so humdrum.
My heart and mind so small but my hopes are so many,
To see thou opening my world of love and bliss, oh honey!

Never Want To Say Goodbye

Blankly staring at the roving sky,
I know not where to go and die.
Feeling helpless and so morose,
Faded and lost like a dead dried rose.
Still I search for those warm sun rays,
And the revealing of various ways.
To get back to my simple normal life,
Away from all the dumb worldly strife.

‘Cause I don’t want to lose you if this way I die,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

Those moments we shared through eyes,
Are now flashback of pain in its highs.
Falling into the deep groove to end,
Now have no reason to get mend.
Still I patiently wait for my silver lining,
Above in the dark clouds so shining.
To stitch those light rainbow days,
So that life for a moment halts and stays.

‘Cause I don’ want to forget those memoirs gone by,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

With love in my heart I asked for you,
For a life-long beautiful blossoming yew.
But I got a response that tore my heart,
My course ended before its start.
Still I feel you’ll come to me one day,
‘Cause my love is not less than the powers of a fay.
I knew it was you ever since you touched my core,
Your feelings with me I have in store.

‘Cause I know that day isn’t far when with me you’ll lie,
As I never want to say you goodbye.

A life-long patience got so brutally killed,
In the painful poundings of my heart’s mill.
I have lost hope and faith in love,
As there’s no more a boat to rove.
Still I think I gotta give my best trial,
Who knows my life may get tuned with a clock dial.
So carrying within me that same dead hope,
With all my love and your hate I cope.

And so with my full effort I’ll still so try,
‘Cause I never want to say you goodbye.

A Little Love To Brew

Dancing in the black tempest,
With a wild heart I’ll kiss you.
Soaking every drop of rain,
A strong little love will brew.

With the storm thundering away,
I’ll hold you tightly in my arms.
With the clouds laughing away,
I’ll make your world full of charms.

A striking thunderstorm fierce,
And the wind blowing in its full might.
Will make you feel my love for you,
As I’ll be clutching you so tight.

I’ll hold your hand giving assurance,
Of forever love and togetherness.
You’ll look into my eyes with a hope,
And a life-long faith you’ll get with no stress.

Seeking solace you’ll stay back with me,
You’ll know there’s no world without us.
I’ll give you the world’s best feeling,
With a naughty mess and a little fuss.

A lightning brighter than the sun,
Will strike us down from dust to dust.
Yet our love will remain alive,
In this black tempest, on the earth’s crust.

Neither death nor life can keep us apart,
As our bond is stronger than the strongest power.
Our togetherness will remain alive,
As blessings of Eden on us shower.

I so wish for this day to come,
And all it’ll take to make this true,
Like the music of a guitar strum,
Is a strong “little love to brew”.


Like those loud music beats,

And vacant empty streets,

The course of our lives,

Is full throws of strive.

The fall of a giant,

May not be a matter faint,

But the bruises with blood,

Teach us to survive the flood.

The boat with a narrow hole,

May in its way down-roll,

But it teaches us to fight,

The current waves so might.

The scorching fireball rays,

May block our blind ways,

But they teach us to see,

In dim lights of life with glee.

The strong heavy downpour,

May flood our big ocean floor,

But the drops give us strength,

To live our life a long-length.

The fierce lightning bolts,

The earth crust it moulds,

But the burns teach us to feel,

Those happy moments we steal,

Our successes and failures,

Our desires and stay-lures,

And their crashing ends,

Teach us to all soft pores mend.

The broken heart pains hell,

We scream, groan and yell,

But it makes us realize the truth,

Of a patiently-willed hope fruit.

Huge lessons we learn to survive,

In all odds and evens to strive,

And life has it immense to give us,

So an orchestral symphony it is thus.

All Rights Reserved © by Safaa Tasneem and The Dainty Damsel. Tom Baker and his Morning Erection blog make no claims to any poetry featured here.

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