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The Princess Bride

April and I watched one of my all time favorite movies this week. The Princess Bride. Everyone by now (I hope), has seen Princess Bride at least once. If not you are a pitiful excuse for a human being. You’ve missed one of the all time classic comedies that both children and adults can enjoy. I still laugh at the same scenes and even though I know all the lines I find some new aspect to enjoy each and every time.

If you have not seen this classic yet, you aren’t the pitiful excuse I called you before, however you do need to take your rear to Blockbuster or go to your Netflix queue and rent this at once. Warm and cuddled in front of the television, popcorn in hand and an ice cold beverage, lights out; a cold December night or day is the perfect time to watch The Princess Bride.

If you have seen it please share your favorite scene in the comment section below. At our wedding I hired a fake minister who came in and spoke just like the bishop in the movie (see the clip below). I have so many so I can’t be sure but I think this scene is my favorite. Also, now that Fred Savage is an adult I think there should be a Princess Bride II and he can come read to Peter Falk. Just a thought.



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