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Why We Should Never Forget

Never give up, Never surrender! No, I’m thinking of Galaxy Quest. What I meant to say is We Will Never Forget. But what is it that we should never forget?

Ten years ago and a day America suffered a devastating loss of life at the hands of terrorists. An event many consider to be this generation’s Pearl Harbor. The number of dead totaled 2,976 with 2,740 being Americans. The number of people who were touched and troubled by the attacks of 9/11 number in the millions. People all around the globe felt out pain. People of every nationality, age, religion were horrified at the catastrophe. We were a United Planet and not just a union of like minded states.

I used to think that we should not forget the damage, devastation and death that occurred on September 11, 2001 but more and more I don’t think that anymore. I don’t feel that should be our focus. I used to think we should never forget because we needed to exact our vengeance on those who committed the atrocity.

I’m a little older and a little wiser now and I think back to the atmosphere here and abroad in the days that followed the attacks. I thought about the fellowship and the friendships that were created. I thought about how much the crime rate dropped and how families were spending quality time together. I thought about how the tragedy brought us together as one human family.

I’m not thinking for one minute that we need another terrorist attack for us to get back to treating friends and foes humanely. What I am thinking is that it should not have to take a war, a man made tragedy, or even an act of God for us to be kind to one another.

I specifically chose not to post this yesterday. I wanted those who chose to respect the day, to do so. Today on September 12, 2011 I say we should never forget – we should always remember that the people next door, next continent are out brothers and sisters. We are all family and family members are meant to love one another. So I say to my brethren and sisteren all around this great big beautiful world, Peace.

Also I would like to acknowledge the brave men and women in the armed forces stationed all over the world, and their families; those in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you. Come home safely.

God Bless Us All.

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