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Ping That Thang

Recently I came across the term speedlinking. You probably already know that it is a quick and easy way to find content for a post when you’re stuck. For speedlinking posts you collect links to other blogs’ posts that you think would be interesting to your readers.

We’ve already established that I am a novice at this. Blogging is not my forte but I would like it to be. If I can assist any other newbie to gain the hits and readership I covet, then I’ve done a good thing. The subject of my speedlinking will inevitably be about making blogging easier and more creative.

1. womanFlashed based gallery – this works best if you either upgrade your blog or have it hosted. I’m not sure it can be done with the free WordPress blogs. dfGallery is the one that I liked the most even though I cannot benefit from it. dfGallery is free and fully customizable. You can even add your favorite mp3 music to play in the background for your visitors. This is a convenient way for photography blogs to display their images. You can add Flickr or Picasso images or the ones you have on your hard drive.

2. Webmaster-Source – a great place to get ideas for your website or blog. I got the information on speedlinking from his site.

3. WordPress Forums – wonderful information. Most any problem you could encounter has been addressed already. Try them out. Sometimes you can get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

4. Not good with a camera. Don’t want to steal someone else’s work? Creative Commons allows you to find photos and other images and use them on your site free of charge. Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright. We provide free licenses and other legal tools to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, so others can share, remix, use commercially, or any combination thereof.

5. Find a solution for an everyday question or problem. As with searching forums for answers to your questions, sometimes you come across answers to questions you didn’t know you had or forgot to do the research when the question was on your mind. Provide answers to life’s questions. For instance, I collect wallpaper. I have just about exhausted all the links that I know about. Therefore, I’m not going to find any new wallpapers unless they are uploaded to sites I already know. A visitor coming to your site might comment on your Desktop Screenshots post and offer a link to a site he/she visits. Hopefully it’s a site you didn’t know about, perhaps from a different country. Now you have the link and you can also give the link to your visitors. Poor example, I know but you get the idea.

6. WordPress Premium Images – Just yesterday WordPress enabled a new feature that gives you free access to add millions of available premium images to your site. Sports, news, and celebrity images from some of the top photographers and agencies throughout the world are now available to you. Don’t believe me. Check out Eli Manning from October 4th’s game.


7. Ping-O-Matic! – a service to update different search engines letting them know that your blog has updated. They regularly check downstream services to make sure that they’re legit and still work. So while it may appear like we have fewer services, they’re the most important ones.

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