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The A-Team Movie 2010

Known for its use of over the top violence (even though no one ever got seriously hurt or killed), the A-Team ran for five seasons on NBC. The A-Team starred George Peppard and Mr. T. The premise of the show was they were Special Forces who were convicted of crimes they never really committed. They escaped. On the run, the make ends meet by helping everyday citizens who could not rely on conventional methods to solve whatever problems they had.

I liked this show and a similar show, The Equalizer. The A-Team is being made into a feature length movie, releasing in June. The movie version stars Liam Neeson and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. So far there aren’t many potential blockbusters this summer except for Iron Man 2, so I am hopeful this movie will surpass my expectations. The Scott boys, Ridley and Tony are responsible for this movie and they surely have a great track record. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

Check out the HD video.

Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict both confirmed that he had filmed cameos for the movie. Mr. T, the original B. A. Baracus, turned down his offer and George Peppard is no longer with us.


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