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Urban Legends, The Blog Post

I was cycling through the stations last Saturday and I came across s show called Urban Legends. The show’s format looks at three real life urban legends. One of the urban legends is absolutely true and two are debunked. They also let you know the source of the legend.

A light bulb went off right above my head. I turned the light off and grabbed my laptop. What follows are three stories. One of the stories actually happened to me but the other two did not. I’d like you to try to figure out which of the three actually happened to me. The truth will be revealed in my annual End of the Year Wrap Up.

During the summer after graduating high school a few of my friends and I decided to just take a walk around the neighborhood. It was one of those days where the huge cumulus clouds kept blocking the sun and then the sun would shine just long enough to make you miss it when the next cloud rolled by. You know what I mean.

Anyway, we decided to grab some pizza for lunch. After lunch we decided to walk back home and play some basketball. We took a different route home and crossed through the supermarket parking lot. We tossed a tennis ball back and forth to each other and when the ball was tossed to me, it went over my head. I ran after it and reached down to pick it up. When I stood up there was a .45 pointed at my forehead and the person’s finger on the trigger. I froze.

My sister and I decided to throw my parents a huge party for their wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows and it was our gift to them. A nice surprise party. We invited close to 100 friends and relatives, had the event catered and spent lots of our own money.

With every surprise party, you need time to prepare and decorate. We enlisted the help of our aunt and uncle who took them out for a late lunch. Our parents were slow getting out the door but they finally left. It took some time but the caterer set everything up perfectly, we managed to scatter 60 cars around the neighborhood and everyone fit comfortably in the backyard. We got a call hours later from my uncle that they were about to leave the restaurant. My aunt and uncle arrived at our house but there was no sign of my parents. Four hours and 60 guests less later, my parents called. They decided spur of the moment to take a honeymoon at a bed and breakfast three hours away. We told them about the party and all the guests but it would take too long for them to get back.

We invited over a few of our friends and partied anyway. Thankfully everyone let my parents keep their gifts. Almost everybody.

Shortly after getting my new car last year I decided to give the car a workout. I made reservations at a mountain resort and I set off for some me time. I trusted the GPS to get me to my destination. Contrary to popular belief not all men are afraid of directions, but I usually get them from Google and print them out.

Not this time. I was trusting satellites and GPS to pinpoint my location and guide me to my destination on those dark mountain roads. I had the music blaring! I felt like a teenager again. Singing badly and messing up the words… Turn left here, turn right there, keep straight for 20 miles. The GPS lady told me to turn left and I did. It was an even darker road that reminded me of every horror movie I’ve ever seen. The only question I had was who it would be jumping out to get me. Jason, Freddy or the Mothman. I came to a metal fence, driving faster than I should and stopped.

There was no room to turn around and backing up for a mile or so would be tedious at best. I got out of the car and got my flashlight out of the trunk. I peered over the fence and the flashlight revealed a drop at least 1000 ft or more. I’m happy to be alive! GPS can suck my left….

There are your three choices. Will what you know about me thus far reveal the correct answer or not.

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