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Turn Your Blog Into A Book

Yes you can! If you are so inclined, you can turn your entire book into a blog and place it on your table in your living room for all to read. It’s a great centerpiece and will be a conversation starter for all who enter your home.

Turning your blog into a book essentially is easy to do and can be inexpensive depending on how many pages you want. First you would want to determine if you are going to use your entire blog or just your best posts.

Were you aware that the movie Julia and Julie was first a blog, then a book and then a movie? What if your blog could be turned into a movie if the right person read the book?

When I think of turning a blog into a book, I don’t see Morning Erection being a great choice for one, except maybe in my home. I have thought about JeLisa’s blog …And The Lived Blogging Happily Ever After would make an excellent book.

You might consider selling your book if you turn your blog into one. Most likely there would have to be some significant changes to be made. You would need to find a way to make your pages into chapters or integrate them into your posts somehow. You will also want to find a theme for the book that most blogs don’t have. Again, that’s why JeLisa’s blog would work.

There are several companies that convert your blog into a book and I’ve listed a few below. If you decide to do this, please let me know.



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