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Saturday Mail Delivery

By law the United States Postal Service is required to deliver mail to every US household six days a week. The Postmaster General has filed a plan with the Postal Regulatory Commission to reduce delivery to just five days a week. In a survey of two thousand, two hundred people and business owners, 68% thought that Saturday mail delivery was no longer important.

I disagree with the decision. I look forward to Saturday delivery. From letters from pen pals that take weeks to get to me and returning my Netflix movies on Saturday so I can get the new releases on Tuesday, there is no way I would like to see Saturday delivery stopped. Speaking with a neighbor who has lost her job and sometimes relies on friends and family for help; she needs Saturday delivery to get checks and money orders so she can have the money on Monday. If she had to wait until her afternoon delivery of mail on Monday, some of her bills like rent would be late some months of the year. In addition to the loss of Saturday delivery, 40,000 postal employees will lose their jobs.

I think there is a myriad of other ways to save money. Most people hate junk mail so instead of giving bulk discounts to junk mailers, increase the cost to what individuals and non bulk mailing business have to pay. Converting their fleet of gas guzzlers into eco-friendly green vehicles that run on used fry oil is a very cost effective method of saving money. Given some time that writing this post does not allow, I’m sure I could find some more ways to save Ben Franklin’s baby more money.

What are your feelings towards losing Saturday and if you don’t live in the US, please tell me (us) what is your mail delivery like in your country. Thanks again.



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