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Are You Down With OPP?: Other People’s Phraseology

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I. Declare. War.

Alright, I will be the very first to admit the Tag game is fun. Why would I create memes and honesty months unless I liked answering questions and getting to know other people by reading their responses, unless I like it. Whew!, that being said, this is my last game of tag for a long while. Frankly, my creative juices are once again flowing for content for this blog and I cannot afford to take away even seconds for the game any longer.

I’m putting my foot down and this is the final time. Tag, you’re it! “The heck I am. Not any more, it just wouldn’t be prudent.” What does this all mean. It means I’m going to answer Sylvia’s great questions but I am not going to tag anyone else. I’m the ruin-er of all things fun.

My Answers To Sylvia’s Questions

1. Why did you start blogging?
I began blogging on a whim. A few friends sort of challenged me. They did not think I could blog for an entire year. I proved them wrong and showed myself a little something too.

2. What is your favorite season — Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?
I don’t have an adequate answer or at least one that will satisfy most people. I hate and love them all equally. Summer is great weather, light clothing, swimming but I then there is the heat, the mosquitoes and the allergies. Fall has the end of the really hot days, the leaves changing colors and Thanksgiving but then there’s the allergies, walking into spider webs and the falling leaves. Winter is cold, it’s cold and it is also cold but there is snow to look at, Christmas and the Super Bowl, Spring brings out the extra romance in people, nature comes back to life and warmer weather but there is also the allergies, the flies and the bees, and gas prices start to rise!

3. In the movie “Freaky Friday” the mother and daughter switched bodies. Who would you like to switch with for one day?
I thought the longest about this question. I was about to give up when it dawned on me to switch with Obama. I’d have a few choice things to say to Congress and a great many executive decisions to sign!

4. What song do you have on your MP3 player that people would be surprised that you had?
I don’t I could possibly surprise anybody any more who has spent any time reading this blog. The song I am surprised I recently added to my playlist is Whitney Houston’s live version of I Will Always Love You. I had been very tired of that song but it seems I can stand it again and her live version is the best version I have heard. If interested, here is the link.

5. How did you pick your blog name?
Do you really want the answer to this question? It was kind of coincidental that I was waking up every morning for weeks with my blogs namesakes. My friends issued the dare and in the same time span I was watching the Discovery channel I think. I was watching an episode of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods one evening. He was visiting Japan and went to a restaurant called Asa Dachi in Japanese. Asa Dachi means Morning Erection. They serve breakfast foods that help a man with his virility. I put the three together and the rest is history. Or my story.

I have contemplated changing it numerous times but haven’t felt the need yet.

6. Where you a bully or the one bullied?
Neither thank God. Well not in school anyway but my sister is a different story.

7. What is one thing that really gets on your nerves?
Women really get on my nerves! Let me explain. It gets on my nerves to see or even know that women smoke and I have equal disdain for women who use foul language (profanity). Even more than that is women who smoke near children. Theirs or anyone elses. Don’t get me started on pregnant mothers who drink. Ladies please don’t hate me.

8. Who (actor or singer) did you have a crush on when you were young?
I was a fickle young man but I think my thoughts were equally occupied with Drew Barrymore and Janet Jackson. Janet’s That’s The Way Love Goes still sends chills up and down my spine.

9. Would you rather live under water or in space?
Another question that required more thought than I thought it would. I choose space. Being under water would be great especially all the “potential” life that would swim past but in space aimed with a telescope can take me just about anywhere. Oh the wonders God created!

10. Do you “re-gift”?
When I was a child with no money, yes I did. Mom and Dad weren’t too thrilled with my Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

11. How old are your oldest pair of shoes?
Probably seven years but I don’t wear shoes that often and when I do I take care of them.


International Priority Mail to The Philippines

Ten books will be on there way to the Philippines today thanks to Carl. He also made two CDs for Anne. This is just the first of what we hope will be many packages on their way to my Bunso Anne.

Thank you to all who have promised books and or money to cover the postage (books are heavy)! Magazines are also welcomed and your home made burned CDs are also wanted. She likes R & B and Indie bands but will be happy with anything!

All that I ask is the content of what ever you donate, whether book, magazine or song on a CD, please make sure it is appropriate for someone in Anne’s state of mind. We are trying to help and not hinder.

With the millions of books and songs out there I doubt if there will be much duplication but just in case here is a list of what was purchased or made so far. Thanks again and I know Anne appreciates it as well.


It’s Me, O Lord – Christian poetry
At Home In Mitford – Small town drama
Out to Canaan – Small town drama
90 Minutes in Heaven – Christian Non-fiction
Billion-Dollar Kiss – TV writer turned author
Know What You Believe – Christian apologetics
Twilight – Imitation cheesy vampire crap (smile)
The Blue Flower – Romance
Fire In The Blood – Romance
A Light In The Window – Small town drama

Compact Discs

Disc One

Disc Two

I can’t imagine anyone has the same taste in music as Iron Cook Carl, but just in case…

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