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Happy Anniversary April Baker

One year of marriage. One year of heaven on earth.

To My Beautiful, Wonderful, Selfless Wife April…
Who Cooks In The Kitchen and the Bedroom!

Thank you for making this past year the most wonderful year of my entire life. Thanks for putting up with me, for understanding me
and for loving me even when you don’t.

I thought when we wed that I knew what love was. I couldn’t have known what it was
or else my love for you wouldn’t have grown over the past 365 days.

Being my wife is great. Being your husband is great as well,
but I must admit that being friends with you has been the glue that has helped me be a better husband
and has kept us both grounded. You are truly wonderful.

There is more I could write, but that’s private. I love you and always will!


Fade to black……….

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We Are Married

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Red RoseMark this date on your calendar. By the time you read this post we will already be married. We are flying to Las Vegas with our families and are getting married. We have lots of work to do getting ready to move so our honeymoon will only be a couple of days. I know some have expressed interest in where we have decided to go. All of the family is staying in Las Vegas until the 18th and then we will go back home to finish getting ready for the move.

We can plan a real honeymoon maybe for our first anniversary when things will be less hectic and hurried. As for me, I’ve been getting ready for my new life. I’ve been reading and researching on being a great husband and friend. Anyone interested there is a great article I read. Married or not, this is just good advice on How A Man Should Treat His Wife. In another article by the same author, Asahd2 talks about Keeping Romance Alive. Great information for anyone thinking about marriage. I also read The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

I’m still doing some research and preparing myself for my new life. I want to continue to be the best for April. The best friend, the best husband and now the best lover she could ever have or want.

Don’t forget, December 14, next year – our anniversary!


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