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Okay, here’s the scenario.

Your children are out playing in the mud. Their hands are filthy dirty and it’s time to eat dinner. You call them in and tell them to wash up for dinner. They come in the house, grab a few napkins and wipe their hands.

So, are their hands clean enough to sit at your table and eat? I don’t think their hands are clean at all. Well… we sit on the toilet and get areas of our bodies dirty with things far worse than mud. Then after we are finished we use a few pieces of toilet paper to clean ourselves, stand up, pull up your clothes and hopefully wash your hands. Our butts are no cleaner than those muddy kids hands.

Personally I use baby wipes or adult wipes. I used to use soap, water and a clean washcloth each and every time I went when I was at home. Believe me that is just too much laundry and when I had guest over I always had to remind myself to give them the new untainted washcloths. Too much hassle.

aaahEven if you choose not to wash down there, you have to at least admit that toilet paper alone does not clean you and certainly doesn’t get rid of any leftover odor. Even farting leaves a scent on the hairs between your cheeks so toilet paper is archaic and doesn’t do a good job cleaning the anus.

Anybody in America agree with me? I think people in other countries use a bidet or clean better than we do. What do you guys think and what do you use? If you use wipes, what did you use before wipes? Folks outside of the US, how do you clean where the sun don’t shine? This might seem funny but I found a website that offers the ultimate solution, literally. Don’t laugh, just visit the site, watch the video and then laugh.


My November 30, 2009 post will have sexually oriented material much like the first three posts on the blog. By request of the many visitors to those three posts, I am submitting real life stories of my teenage life. If this type of material offends, I admonish you to ignore the 11-30 post. Thank you.


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