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Would You Still…?

Would you still? Would you still care? Not just about me but about anyone who has a blog that you visit. Sometimes on a daily basis we visit for all intents, “strangers” blogs. We read what is written and we leave the nicest comments probably with all sincerity. We come back the next day and repeat. Reading and commenting and hoping we in turn have visitors that will come to our blogs, read and comment.

Meanwhile there are people coming to your blogs. New visitors and faithful readers alike stopping by to read and comment. Would anybody really care about the other blogger? As for me, I am in reality very quiet and subdued. I don’t think it would be easy to get more than two words out of me; yet I am full of things I could say and do say by writing here.

Would I care about any of you. Absolutely. In reality I would sincerely like to meet all of you to bother to stop by and read my ramblings. Would you want to meet me. I doubt it. You might find me boring. You might find me creepy or shy. You might tell me to go get some clothes on (joke).

Would we talk about in person, the things we write about? Well, if you were a Star Trek watching, people loving, Colts fan, sticking his nose into other peoples business, newlywed; perhaps we might.

Don’t think I down or sad or feeling sorry for myself. I’m not. I just wondered if any of us really met, would you still want to know one another. What if the writer is not the person you thought they would be in person. You know how people have a certain way of looking at a celebrity and in reality it might be really disappointing if you met them? Would that be the way it would be for us, if we met? Chances are we will never meet. That’s a good thing and that’s a bad thing.

Would you still… stop by my blog if my blog were my house and I was your next door neighbor? Would we watch Smallville, cook a meal, take some photos, hug each other for comfort, talk married life or could I convert you to be a home nudist (another joke)?

Would you still… care what I thought if my blog were my voice and I sat next to you at school or at work?

Would you still… talk to me if I were a stranger on a train, boat or plane just in need of friendly conversation or a shoulder to lean on?

Forgetting the distance that separates us, I still think not, but I still think I wish I were wrong. Thanks for being my blogging buddies!

Would You?

Would you avoid me, congratulate me or call me a nerd
Would you think me strange, wordy or just absurd?

Would my opinions matter, my desktop or my wife
Would I be shunned and told to get a life?

Would I be embraced if I told you I had a blog
Would you be receptive and our in friendship clear the fog?

Would you still…


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WordPress Admin Pages

How often do you check your sites stats?  Do you know who is visiting you or what links they are clicking on? I find the administration pages very useful especially when I have guest bloggers. If you are writing your blog because you want people to read it, then you need to check those admin pages to get the whole story of your blog. I could tell that on Saturday, February 6th, most of the people who read JeLisa’s guest post came from her site. The rest came from comments I left on blogs who had similar subject matter as JeLisa’s.

Unfortunately these are not my blogs stats.
These screenshots were made in December 2009 and January 2010

The referrers section lists other blogs and web sites that link to your blog. A view is counted as a referrer when a visitor of the other site clicks a link and lands on a URL of your blog.

Top Posts and Pages
This section of stats will list the Posts and Pages which have received the most views. A view is only counted for a post or page when the permalink URL is visited. For example, if a visitor reads a post titled “Hello World” while viewing the home page of your blog, the view will not be counted towards the post, only towards total views.

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Your Favorite Blog Post From Your Own Blog

Your Favorite Blog Post On Your Blog or Shameless Blog Promotion…

I would love for you to leave a comment telling me from your blog which is your favorite post that you’ve written yourself. You can leave something new, something old or just the one that got the most visits or the most comments.

That is what I want from you. From me, I will give you some of the best or some of my favorite blog posts that I have found. I encourage you to visit the posts that I like and have listed below. After you add your favorite post from your page in the comment section, visit some of the other links that others have posted, assuming anybody has!

blogS O M E   O F   M Y   F A V O R I T E   B L O G   P O S T S

The Humanitarian

A New Jazz Star

Something Better This Way Comes

Wicked Weasel Marika
(R rated – nudity from see through bikini)

My Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Ten Funniest Jeopardy Bloopers Of All Time

I haven’t really been looking at other people’s posts to find my favorites, but these are ones that I had in my bookmarks so it made finding them favorites. More often than not I go to another site to leave comments and hopefully get the blog owner and their readers to click the link to come visit my blog. That is what I want for you. Leave your favorite post and I hope people will see it and in return visit your site. Promote your blog here free and easy. I will continue to try to promote my blog so people in turn will visit yours. Leave your favorite post in the comment section. Thank you very much.

When shamelessly promoting your blog please leave the following information:

1. Your Blog’s Name
2. The Title of Your Post with the URL to the post.
3. Why It’s Your Favorite Post


Your Favorite Blog Post On Your Blog

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